Is anyone familiar with the ebay seller Historydirect? i think their store is called history for sale. they are out of vegas. i can't remember if this is one of the vegas dealers to stay away from. any help is appreciated

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This is a good seller. With that said, always use due diligence on the specific autograph you are interested in buying.

Watch for secretarial signatures and price-compare.

I agree with Joe and Eric. They are on the quite pricey side and they do make their share of mistakes. But they try to sell no problem genuine autographs.

As Steve said, they are quite pricey (I spent way too much for a Bernie Taupin autograph, but I really wanted it), but they offer a 10 year guarantee if you need to return the item and I was satisfied with my purchase.

I have purchased from them several times over the years. Always satisfied. Hint: They can be quite flexible with their prices on some autographs. I would advise using their "make offer" on their regular web site rather than ebay. Negotiate!

I did make an offer on top of their discount at the time. It was still overpriced. But I knew that and willingly made the deal!

Yes, they usually sell authentic items and I think are honest to deal with. However, their pricing can be quite asking $25,000 or more for a JFK signed White House letter. However, one time when I pointed out to them that a JFK signed photo they were selling was actually a secretarial, they actually quickly took it down from eBay. So I do think they are honest. And I think it was an honest mistake.

reputable but extremely pricey

Well about reputable and extremely pricey. Some Elvis Presley Autographs looking a little bit odd/strange. What do others think about Elvis? Thanks.

 Even reputable dealers make mistakes. The difference is they try to do the right thing, as opposed to the scumbags that know they are selling forgeries.

post a link on the elvis items you are questioning.

I just checked out the Elvis items.  the first few look fine, but the signed albums look way off to me.

Yeah, the signed albums are looking terrible.



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