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Is "History for Sale" (Gallery of History Inc.) autograph dealer is a respectable and trust worthy?




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High prices IMO, and some secretarials too.

And when it comes to actors or bands autographs, are they ok? Set aside the price issue...:)


I do not believe in sweeping statements - each autograph must be taken on its own merits. You say "actors or bands" - there are secretarial signatures in there IMO. Some other things too. That means secretarial Gleason's, a Bowie... A secretarial is not signed by the celebrity. They are asking, in a "sale", $700 for a Art Carney - he is very, very inexpensive. When they want $700 for a Carney that you can buy on eBay for $20 I am not so quick to set aside "the price issue".

To clarify, I meant I am not fond of sweeping statements about authenticity and sources. Obviously, I started out here with general observations in my attempt to answer.

Generally, he has authentic signatures although he does sell secretarial items as well. Be sure you check out any autograph before purchasing. Not just him but any autograph you are considering.

Agreed. The Bowie I mentioned is not a secretarial as I know them BTW. It a Labyrinth SP, oddly. I don't like it.

I have purchased autographs from Gallery of History in the past.  I am very happy with the items that I purchased from them.

What Do You Think of the Four Dealers I Have Purchased From?

Look at Document 52100. Jackie Gleason signed matchbook. Dead straight baseline. Capital E...how common is that? Where has that been seen before? Document 2056, is that not secretarial? 1621? This goes deep into the next page, many more than I care to opine on. The classic 70's black felt tip secretarial, and a lot of them, all in my opinion, of course. There is good there as well - but...these "Gleason's" have been known for several years now. 

Thank you, Eric.  This discussion is very informative.

Concerns have also been raised about some of the Harrison Ford autographs in their inventory.  I am comfortable with my purchases.  Collectors simply need to do their homework, regardless of the autograph dealer's reputation.

+1 re homework!



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