Please let someone tell me How does Coachs (Crap ) Corner get away with stuff like this.  It's blatantly a crime 568002.jpg    They claim this is a ball examined and authenticated by JSA meanwhile I can pretty much guarantee this is a fake.  Now someone is going to spend way too much money and have garbage because they were stupid yes but also tricked.

Why doesn't anyone stop them including JSA which is having there name associated with these crooks

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notice how the ball covers up the photo on the cert.  low life scum.

Maybe someone can forward that to JSA.

Since I'm still new at this, there are a number of things I don't understand. This would be a good time to bring one of them up.

Is there anything standing in the way of submitting a genuine item for appraisal and receiving a letter like the one shown, substituting a lookalike item for sale, and then start the process over again with the same genuine item? It sounds very simple. If it's as easy as I've outlined, isn't it done often?

In the case of that Ruth ball, I can tell from all the way over here that it's a fake. Does having that JSA letter prevent any recourse on the part of the buyer? I'm sure that the kind of misrepresentation seen here has to be illegal in some way. Fraud may be very difficult to prove on items like this, but JSA's reputation is on the line if there's no action taken. Or, it seems that way to me, anyway.

I would hope that anyone with half a brain would compare the signature to what is shown in the JSA photo.  If they are foolish enough to buy the ball like it is shown, hopefully they are smart enough to check when they receive it.

What do the Coach's Corner Ruth signed baseballs go for as of late? Still in the $100 range?

Coach's Corner is the only seller I know of that has Ruth autographed baseballs signed in black sharpie, a marker only available from 1964 through today, 16 years after Ruth died. The Babe was cutting edge!

The real thieves here are Jimmy Spence, Steve Grad and the entire cartel including Beckett, Steiner, SGC, PSA/DNA! They are proven liars, cheats and con cards are simple. Memorabilia should be identified by a forensic handwriting expert who knows ink, surfaces, and how various writing instruments react on those surfaces. All of the above individuals have been caught lying about their experiences, past indictments, education and business practices. They all work together, they are organized crime. Frank P. Garo, you rock!

Hi Frank!!

Even the forensic experts that we have questioned have been accredited by some forensic organization. What organization has accredited Frank Garo?

Amazing, in-depth analysis, Chris. Stunningly superb work!! Doesn't get any more thorough and conclusive than that!

Thank you very much, Woody.

This simply proves what a scam GFA is.



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