How do you guys know what Beatles autographs are real and what aren't?

I know it might sound dumb to ask this, but I was reading about Beatles autographs and saw a few discussions on this group about fake autographs with Letters Of Authenticity from JSA, Beckett, etc.

I've also seen so many forgeries that look amazing.

This makes me feel really weird. I know how to recognize forgeries by other bands, like Kiss, Metallica, etc. I even scored an authentic Kiss autograph last year (the signed card they sold on and I knew it was authentic by comparing to lots of other certified Kiss items.

But regarding autographes from The Fab Four? I'm never really sure what's real and what isn't.

It looks like autographs from The Beatles require an extra attention to detail which I've never ever seen being taken for autographs from most other artists.

How do guys even do this?

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Yep, exactly what I was thinking hehe

If you buy from the top dealers in the US (Frank Caiazzo) or UK (Tracks) you can be more or less sure that the item is real. I guess both these dealers must have been fooled by clever forgers at some time in their ca. 35 year histories but if you buy an item from them and keep the paperwork you'll always be able to get your money back one way or another.

Personally, I prefer the thrill of chancing my arm at auctions but I had a few costly experiences early on and have invested a lot of time in searching and researching.     

I'm actually less of an auction fan since various fakes are sold via auctions, etc. I only bid on items which I'm 100% certain about. Thanks for the info about Frank and Tracks.

I'm not really interested in Beatles autographs (unless it's a pre-order from Paul or Ringo), but still, it's nice to know there are forums like this one and people like Frank and Tracks which specialize in these things.

I've been doing it for close to 40 years....and you still learn something new almost everyday! There is no "quick way" to learn...I only buy from Frank Caiazzo...TRACKS in the UK...and Perry Cox. Lots of articles that have been written by Frank...go thru the TRACKS website....look at the autographs that they have for sale...see how The Beatles signatures change from 1962 to 1963 to 1964 and beyond. Lean how to spot Joe Long fakes...the "SoCal" forgers...Neil club "signatures"...the "autopen" first name fan club cards. Because of their value...they are some of the most forged on the market.

And that's where the headaches begin. Even with extensive experience, forgers enjoy creating new methods of faking these signatures. It truly is maddening. Which is why this forum is so special and helpful.

Yep. As long as there are people who buy the forgeries, there will be forgeries. So many obvious fakes of various artists get sold online.

I'm still surprised that trash websites like and Coach's Corner Sports Disasters are still alive and selling Beatles fakes each and every month. How are these guys even in business? Aren't fake autographs considered a case of fraud in the US at least?

A very interesting thread, which I've enjoyed reading ... I only have one full set of Beatles autographs (1963). I came into a bit of money a few years back and was so scared about buying a fake that I spent months researching beforehand. Forums like this were very helpful and friendly in answering questions.

I found, pretty quickly, that I could identify a lot of the obvious fakes - maybe 80%. Then my learning slowed right down again when delving further into things like Aspinall, Sol Cal forgeries etc. What helped me also is that I'm a bit of a history geek so I tend to gravitate towards items which have the potential to be researched. For example, my Beatles signatures are inside an old autograph book with the name of its original owner written inside. I was able to find her and learn about how and where they were obtained - Not foolproof I know but, especially while I was still learning, it was an avenue I could confidently explore for further provenance.

I guess what I'd say to anyone re: Beatles - and I know the original poster is already a pretty experienced collector - is play to your strengths, ask for lots of advice and enjoy the process! But learning about fab four signatures is a journey I've been on for about four years - I don't think it will ever end !!

Yep, have been collecting for quite some time various music and memorabilia. I'm really into heavy metal and hard rock. It's a really cool hobby, although I am not as experienced as some people on this forum hehe

Thanks for sharing your experience :)

Agree. And well said.



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