Actress Meg Ryan has been known for extremely quick, rushed “signatures” if you can even call it that. I’m not saying these two photos are definitely real or fake, however, how in the world can someone look at a tiny scribble which has ZERO consistency and tell me that without a shadow of a doubt it came from Meg Ryan’s pathetic penmanship. So anyone can honestly just make a little scribble on a Meg Ryan photo and have it authenticated as genuine!? Absolutely ridiculous. These two have been deemed legit “signatures” by one of the leading companies out there which is PSA/DNA.

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By the way.. it's reasons like this that I don't even bother with PSA, JSA, or any other opinions.

That's the million dollar question.  Ryan was brought up in a thread recently, when I believe it was PSA authenticated a baseball supposedly signed by her that was literally just a smear.

When people ask me what I think of that company, I usually point to unforgivable authentications like that first.

They must love the source but who can say who signed these photos?



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