I redesigned the navigation menu and put a version in place that's 80% finished. Please post your complaints here.

Right now groups and photos are under the MORE tab, but that will change tonight or so. I want to keep the menu in one row for computers and space is limited.

TOWN SQUARE replaces HOME and the old FORUMS tab. The logo and most top-level tabs go to the homepage.

I'm adding a lot of new forums. You can follow any forum you want so you're notified of new discussions by clicking the Follow link at the bottom of each forum's main page. You're just notified of discussions. You won't get replies unless you're participating in a discussion or clicked that particular discussion to follow it.

More to come but it's 3 AM here.

See you later today!


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Where has the subforum "what do you think of this ebay..." gone ?

Do you mean for eBay dealers, sellers? I’m working on things and it’s not in the menu at the moment, but if you go into FORUMS CENTRAL you’ll find it on the last or second to last page of forms.

I found it here: 


But it says "There are no discussions yet." whereas there were plenty early July.

But maybe it is in process and I just have to be patient ?

Thanks. This is a technical issue I was not aware of. It's affecting several similar forums. I'll post here when it's fixed.


Here's a link to "What do you think of this eBay seller?"

The system has a glitch they're working on, so if it stops working for you please let me know.




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