I redesigned the navigation menu and put a version in place that's 80% finished. Please post your complaints here.

Right now groups and photos are under the MORE tab, but that will change tonight or so. I want to keep the menu in one row for computers and space is limited.

TOWN SQUARE replaces HOME and the old FORUMS tab. The logo and most top-level tabs go to the homepage.

I'm adding a lot of new forums. You can follow any forum you want so you're notified of new discussions by clicking the Follow link at the bottom of each forum's main page. You're just notified of discussions. You won't get replies unless you're participating in a discussion or clicked that particular discussion to follow it.

More to come but it's 3 AM here.

See you later today!


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Got it.  Thanks.

Is there not enough Discussions about AC/ DC, to have it's own Forum?? Other than that, it's a Definite Improvement. Would also be nice if we could split up, Items for Sale and Items Wanted to Buy. Still doing a Great Job either way.

I like both those ideas.  AC/DC is one of the most iconic bands in history.  And a split between Sales and Desires would make both easier to see at a glance.

Relax. I’m prioritizing forums by music quality. I’ll do AC/DC’s right after the Archies.

Music quality?? Who are the Archies?? Just Kidding....Thanks for all of your Hard Work, even I don't say so, very often.....

NP Tim. The day you stop complaining is the day I run for cover.

Here's your AC/DC forum. The navbar has a bug so I can't add an AC/DC link until it's fixed.

AC/DC is one of my very favorite artists of all-time.  These are my Top 10 in no particular order:  The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, U2, AC/DC, R.E.M., Van Halen, The Rolling Stones, Phil Collins/Genesis.

Others very close:  Elton John, Avril Lavigne, George Michael, The Cure, Depeche Mode, and Gwen Stefani/No Doubt

I got to see AC/DC once back in 2002 or 2003 in Kansas City. They were AWESOME!!

When I first heard there was a band named AC/DC I figured it was a girl group.

That’s funny, Steve.  Turns out they’re a lot different than The Bangles, huh?!  =0)

But AC/DC’s lyrics contain such a rich, beautiful, spiritual, if you will, message of devotion and “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” and “Shoot to Thrill”, and let’s not forget “Hells Bells”.  Mozart would be moved...Or tossing in his grave.  Lol.  But I like ‘em!  =0)

“If you wanna be a star of stage and screen

Look out it’s rough and mean

It’s a long way to the top

If you wanna rock ‘n’ roll”




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