I redesigned the navigation menu and put a version in place that's 80% finished. Please post your complaints here.

Right now groups and photos are under the MORE tab, but that will change tonight or so. I want to keep the menu in one row for computers and space is limited.

TOWN SQUARE replaces HOME and the old FORUMS tab. The logo and most top-level tabs go to the homepage.

I'm adding a lot of new forums. You can follow any forum you want so you're notified of new discussions by clicking the Follow link at the bottom of each forum's main page. You're just notified of discussions. You won't get replies unless you're participating in a discussion or clicked that particular discussion to follow it.

More to come but it's 3 AM here.

See you later today!


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Thanks for all of the hard work.

Thanks, Gratefulphish. Happy to do it.

Yes, great work, Steve!  It’s very efficient.

One concern I have is whether we are getting too much specialization with so many individual forums.  What will we place in “Is This Autograph Real?”  So much of the time I would tend to “hang out” in the Town Square and Is it Real? forums.  I liked the fact that we could post pretty much any autograph in the “Is this Autograph Real?” forum.  And all at once I could see Madonna, Michael Jackson, Babe Ruth, JFK, Al Pacino, and Robert Dinero autographs in one tidy place.  And there were many times when I thought you were likely to get more people seeing your discussion if it were placed in Town Square or Is it Real?

Sometimes I would post a Michael Jackson autograph in Is This Real? for a few days and then move it to Michael Jackson autographs| forum.

I guess Forum Central though pretty much takes care of what I was talking about.


I'm glad you mentioned your concern about having too much specialization.

We want a site that's fun and fascinating for active members to use. The Town Square and Is This Autograph Real? forums are a big part of that for many of us.

Autograph collectors as a whole need to be able to easily find images and information to help protect themselves from buying or selling forgeries. Highly specialized forums give you that.

Our Beatles forum has over 2,500 discussions; some with one image and some with hundreds. There are more than 3,000 discussions in our Mantle, Williams & DiMaggio forum. Our JFK forum has 188.

I'll be adding a lot of specialized forums over time, but I don't want to take the fun out of Autograph Live! or make it inefficient to use. I would love for you and all other members help make sure we achieve both goals.

BTW, did you know that you can follow any forum and be notified when a new discussion posts? It's at the bottom of every forum on the right:

"Follow – Email me about new discussions in this category"

I’m with you, Steve!  The navigation system is great.  You’ve done excellent work, and we thank you for it!  Awesome job.  Your site has saved thousands of dollars over time for both very active and casual collectors alike, and it’s given novice collectors the confidence to enter the arena.  The hobby would be at a loss without this site which just keeps getting better!

Steve, what are your thoughts on a forum category for comic autographs and art?


That's a great suggestion. Here it is. I just moved Stan Lees in it for now:

There's a bug in the navigation menu tool that's preventing me from putting the forum in a drop-down for now, but I'll do it as soon as it's fixed.

Thanks, Steve!

We want The Monkees! We want The Monkees!

I’ve got to that we’ve been using this new navigation system for a little while, I’m loving it!  Absolutely great job, Steve!

Like it Steve - very much. Thank you for your hard work..



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