Hi! Would really appreciate your help.

I bought an autograph in the $300 range from a RACC and AFTAL dealer. When recieving it the photo is in a very poor condition with lots of ”glue like” marks all over the photo and also affects the signature. It’s very visible and you can even feel the marks with your finger. Not a word of this was mentioned from the dealer when buying.

I have asked for a refund, but what should I accept when it comes to:

- will I first ship and he refunds when recieved? Seems a bit risky, especially now when shipping takes forever. Or should he refund and then I ship?

- do I pay for return shipping? Will cost me about $30 which seems a bit unfair.

Please let me know the normal procedure for refunds?

Thank you!

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That actually depends on the seller. Most sellers expect the item to be returned before refunding. Most also will not pay for return shipping. If you paid for this purchase via Paypal you can file a claim if the seller does not issue a timely refund. Make sure if you return the item with tracking to have proof it was returned(very important!).

Unfortunately, doing business does have some risk involved. Hopefully you are dealing with an honest seller who knows that displeasing a customer is never good for their business.

I wish you the best.

Much appreciated Joe! 

When returning I will of course use shipping with trackingnumber.

I’ve bought we’ll over 1000 autographs over the years and never had any problems. I’m sure this seller will do the right thing!

Just hold onto all communications with the seller in case there is a problem. Most problems are usually resolved without any issues. I've had my fair share of problems with sellers over the years and the vast majority of time things work out just fine. It's always a headache to deal with though.


if it was on eBay , they will send you a shipping label that the seller pays for if it was a seller error.  You will have to ship it back, then get the refund, if just done thru PayPal and no eBay ,you are on the hook for shipping, but still must return and then a refund will be issued

but absolutely file a claim either thru eBay or PayPal so you are protected 

Thanks again Joe! Will do!

@Sgt Pepper: Not bought via eBay, but I used paypal. If the seller agrees to a refund but I have to ship before he sends any money, should I still file a claim thru paypal? Or is that only if he refuses a refund?

Thanks again!

I believe that Paypal recommends you work this out with the seller directly if possible. If the seller does not agree to a refund or actually does not render a refund upon receiving the item back then you can file a claim through Paypal.

I believe most legitimate sellers will work with you without escalating it to a claim.

Most sellers do not want a problem with Paypal as they will freeze their funds once a claim has been opened until the issue is resolved.

Standard practice is for the item to be returned before a refund is issued. But, that is up to the seller. A claim will require you to return the item first.

File claim thru PayPal as damaged item, you have 6 months to file claim ,DO NOT ship back without filing PP claim , this way you are protected regardless of what the seller says

add pictures of damages to your PayPal claim so it’s on record , yes you will have to return before refund issued and you will have to pay for shipping 

my biggest beef with PP is the buyer is on the hook for return shipping regardless who is at fault , unlike eBay where the seller pays the shipping if it’s their fault 

Thanks once again to both of you! You have been very helpful!

make sure u send it back with tracking and fully insured

only file a claim if he refuses to take the itiem back

Will do just that. Thanks Marc!



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