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We all understand your frustration, BlackB.

Believe me, we do.

"We all understand your frustration, BlackB.

Believe me, we do."

yes we do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have tried for years to stop it in a variety of ways but it is out of control. That's why my disdain for e-bay. They actually allow and promote it.

Part of the problem is that ebay will routinely remove negative feedback for sellers. 

I had a run in last year with a notorious fake seller on ebay. This seller had negative feedbacks for a number of items: delivering an item that was different than what was pictured, and feedback for failing authentication with me and other reputable TPAs.

Everytime a negative feedback popped up for this seller, it was gone within a day. And the kicker is the seller was not even a high volume powerseller. I imagine the power fake sellers even have more pull.

Bottom line is this: feedback on ebay is completely useless. Most victims leave positive feedback because they got their fake quickly and at a "bargain" price. In the rare instances when someone has the smarts and stones to leave a negative, it can be easily removed if the seller complains to eBay.

Well written, Steve, and so true.

Steve, you really summed it up. And thanks to eBay how they handle their feedback, and their lack of concern for authenticity since John Gonzales left, it’s becoming more and more of a dangerous place to do business.

For collectors who know autographs, you can find some great deals on Ebay (I know, because I have found them), but.........

If you're an impulse buyer, or you simply do not know autographs, Ebay, in my opinion, is the most dangerous place to buy autographs...

Read the below blog I posted when Ebay representatives were present at the 2018 National....


BlackB, there is a good chance that if you leave Positive Feedback with a Negative Comment, Ebay will probably delete it.

Ebay doesn't care about forgeries because they profit from the sales of forgeries.

Not much we can do about it except expose those that sell them.

Steve's platform here called AML allows us to do that here.

That is correct, Chris. Very easy for an ebay member to have a derogatory positive removed because issuing a positive, but commenting with negative connotations in the text of that positive is against ebay guidelines.


Come on, my friend, you know better this. Rich is about as thick-skinned as they come...and he's a moderator. 

"Please get it through your thick skulls this is E-Bays fault and you shouldn't by an effin toothpick from them," is demeaning to members. Go after eBay all you want.

Just keep the 4-letter words to a minimum. Ning charges me $1 for every cuss word they bleep—you've cost me a beachfront home over the years.

Besides, members can't block other members, except from messages.

shoot, I did not know that. I will drop the vernacular.

That’s kind of funny. You really get charged a buck every time A word is bleeped out? Never knew that. Glad I don’t cuss often.




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