Effective today, 11 more states are requiring the collection of internet sales taxes bringing the total to 34 states that require this.  My sister was kind of happy about it because she works in retail and thinks it might help sales in her store.  However, we live in Kansas, and Kansas is still one of 16 states not requiring us to pay sales tax for purchases on eBay

This certainly isn’t going to help ebay sales in general.  If you are a seller listing a $1000 item, that item for most buyers just became a $1080 item if the sales tax is 8%.  This is probably not a good thing for people selling high-priced autographs.

Thoughts on this subject?

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What is the INTERNET SALES TAX IN YOUR STATE?  I think it would interesting and perhaps useful information to have.

My state is KANSAS.  Right now, we pay 0% internet sales tax.

There appears to be some good news, at least, about these taxes.  I think, though I’m not certain, that the IST is usually not more than 5 % in most states...and often less.  

I thought the taxes would be much more because...in the city in which I live in Kansas (Overland Park, Kansas, population 180,000), the city sales tax is 9%, which apparently is quite high compared to other cities throughout America.




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