i have a question about a authentic chicago bears helmet signed by all the 1985 chicago bears including watler payton, buddy ryan etc. i was wondering how much it would cost to get it authenticated and how much it would sell for?

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also like what is the rarity and the market for this item? i know it's only as much as someone will pay for it but i know being the bears fan that i am. I've never seen one with walter on it.

As a Bears fan, I am:

A: jealous :)

B. happy for you

C. confident you can get a truckload of clams for it if it is indeed authentic

Did you get the signatures yourself? If you know for a fact it's real, I would try and sell it without authentication first - why pay for what you already know? That said, some buyers won't buy without authentication, and in that case, you add the cost of 3PA to your selling price. But find those Bears die-hards and you can likely avoid paying for 3PA.

BEAR DOWN!! I'm liking what I see week to week. Come playoff time, barring injuries, we're gonna' be a legit dark-horse!

I see jerseys and replica helmets autographed by most of the 85 team (but NOT sweetness) for 1K plus. I would say Waltro's sig (again, if authentic, next to all the others) would easily add another K if not more to the value of your item.


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