spoils the enjoyment of collecting if autographs are fake  this one may i ask an expert ?

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I think you have misread my message. I didn't say experience isn't important. I was saying providence is also important. If you dontd ask for providence, then that's up to you. 

I always ask questions. Whether they can be answered is not the point. 

If you were very experienced in James Dean autographs, then it would be less of a ganble. For every one else, logic and reason is a good starting point. Even experienced dealers get caught out. If you try and sell an autograph through Christie's etc they will ask all of these questions. Hope this helps

Uh, thanks for the pointers. I don't gamble BTW. There is a thread, or threads, here where I've detail the dealers forging Gleason and Bowie, so I do have some grasp...

I have never been asked for provenance when selling an autograph to or through an auction house - only once when offering the 35mm master print of Bela Lugosi's last speaking role.

So, if you were buying an Elvis signature, you wouldn't ask for any providence?

I'll play in my sandbox. If I were buying a 1950's Gleason (I believe as rare or likely moreso), I would not need to ask questions (PROVENance).

RE provenance, look at those "Elvis" checks a while back - all the "providence" you'd want and sold by Graceland to boot - and still not real. Education and experience are the only key.

I am fully aware that Elvis did not sign all his cheques; however, not everyone is as experienced as you and me. 

Agreed Michael, this is precisely why I am concerned about people placing too much reliance on shall we say "stories and stickers" instead of learning the signing habits and signature(s) of the desired subject. 

This is how I operate. I ask a question and then, depending on the answer, I ask further questions. If the seller is a blogger, they will trip themselves up. Don't get me wrong, this is in addition to my own research etc.

Again, "that look"...uninscribed, undedicated, very neat/legible, looks unsure a bit, also looks like a drawn simulation, small "cut" of apparent signs of age...

I don't think the James Dean is real, unfortunately, and I know his autograph pretty well. Let's see what others say.

Caron, you'll get more response if you put the name of the autograph in the title. I've changed your title to include James Dean.



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