Have you seen Beckett's 8x10 slabs?

I'm getting autographs I've had laying around years certified, and I had Beckett encapsulate a couple of the rare ones.

The slabs are great: No stickers on the photos, safe and carefully packaged. I don't think there's any UV protection, but I'm really happy with the results.

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unfortunaly for poster collecting ggc has f***** up the whole industry and not for the good

CGC? How so? I hadn't heard anything negative about graded concert posters.

first they suck at . u can give 10 copies of the poster in the same condition and get 5 different grades

also u can take a 50$ poster  and get it certified and it now becomes a  500 or 1000$ poster its very misleading

also they  labled a bunch restored or colored inhanced when they weren't.

unless its a basicly mint condition poster it doesn't pay to get it certed. they are clue less.

I know tons of people who have removed theres from the slabs because of really wrong and bad grading and sold them for more money uncertified

its giving unknown collectors a false sense that there buying a superior product

im making a killing because of the gcc suckers but it f***** up the industry

That's good to know. I have read complaints about posters being undergraded, but not unrestored posters being labeled as restored. Perhaps the owners weren't aware of the restoration? I hope the ones with high grades were accurately graded because some of them are selling for crazy prices.

Nope about the resto it happend to me a couple times and I know they weren't restored and to some other people.  As I said they sux but I'm making a ton on idiots

No disrespect, john. Are you calling your customers idiots?

I don't sell directly I put them in auction and yes and if u don't do research and u pay 2k for a 100 poster yes. There are auctions now that will only sell certified posters so it is what it is

Enjoy the ride, my friend. 

I like these encapsulated photos too.  I only have two of my authenticated items that are encapsulated:  an envelope and a baseball in a dome.  In general, I like encapsulated pieces because the item is very secure and protected.  I’ve seen one photo that PSA/DNA encapsulated, and I thought it looked great.  My baseball that is authenticated by PSA was not encapsulated by PSA but rather by me in a dome-shaped baseball holder.  It looks great, and is very secure, and because it’s in a dome rather than a cube, it’s much easier to handle and more pleasant on the hands than is a cube.  And even though it’s a Babe Ruth signed ball, I would feel stress-free tossing that ball in its holder to another person.  I even dropped it on the kitchen floor once, but the case didn’t crack or even scratch, and the ball didn’t move at all either.

The encapsulation is fine and does allow safer storage. Call me an old fuddy duddy, but I am not a fan of third party authentication services. 

I'm with Joe on this one. Third party authentication is for the inexperienced.

You are putting your trust and money on someone you don't even know, and you're paying money for it. For all you know it could be someone with little experience checking against a book of samplers. 

Each to his/her own, I suppose.



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