I made 3 bad calls and have been told I should stop giving opinions by Tracy. Should I hang up my hat?

What do our members think of this? Yes, I've been under a lot of stress lately. The first 2 below are said to be IP.

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Eric, It was a secretarial…..Keep rubbing it in…I saw your study…..I threw it away….You want to throw more salt into the wound……Can you see me laughing. If you can help one person like me with one autograph opinion, why would you even think your knowledge is worth walking away?

Sorry about that ;) I believe the current eBay color mounted Gleason is by Marilyn.

No, I'm not walking because of one opinion. If it came from Ballroom or Joe that would give me pause. Posting IP autographs in a Forum for questionable autographs is odd to say the least. I'm curious what you think of the Discussion I started about authentication and what methods you use. The more tools the better!

This is one method I use in authentication. What are some methods y...

The methods on the other thread are interesting. 

Aside from identifying autopens where I look at specific points for comparisons, I don't specifically use these techniques but I perhaps use a variation.

I sometimes look at an autograph as an overall image or "picture" and compare the slants, relative sizes, length vs height, etc.  These types of relationships help follow a signature from carefully written through hastily signed, seeing how all the features might be rushed or abbreviated together.

Thank you. That is useful. Yes, the way the features you mentioned interact with each other is very revealing, especially where hesitation or improper formation are present. With a faster forgery smooth flow is difficult and the forgers hand is even harder to suppress.



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