I have only seen a handful of Howard McNear most are post stroke signature! I have been told by a very reliable Mayberry source that these are pre stroke autographs!! Hope you enjoy this photo is my favorite of my TAGS collection!!

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Here is an old album page signed!! I am gonna frame this up with either a complete main cast piece or a convicts at large piece!
Any thoughts on who I should frame this with I'm thinking reta shaw jane dulo Jean Carson and don knotts!! What do y'all think!!
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That is nice.   I think the convict episode was one of the funniest early Floyd ones so that might look good/  I have my Floyd on here somewhere and Reta Shaw think I have Jane Dulo and Jean Carson on here too I need to make a list of what i put on lol.

Walter Baldwin the first Floyd the barber but not the barber everyone knows!!
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I am so glad they hired Howard McNear lol  Walter Baldwin was a great character actor though.

This is my Howard McNear that is from the 1950s.

Of all the major characters on The Andy Griffith Show none are harder to get than Howard McNear who played "Floyd Lawson" the town barber.  McNear was a gifted character actor and was the voice of "Doc Adams" on the radio version of Gunsmoke.  He was in scores of movies and television shows.   McNear was only 63 when he died.   This is an autograph on the back of a lobby card photo.  It is in good condition with some light foxing.   The HO-3-9721 was his telephone number.  This style of telephone number was being phased out beginning by the late 1950s.  The photo was dated 1953 so this was probably signed in the mid 1950s.

That's very nice Scott!!!

Thank you Tim it is the single most expensive autograph I ever bought lol.  I debated and debated but a friend of mine a long time autograph collector and dealer from the 1970s on told me he doubted I would find any better for the price.  I think Mabel Albertson is the next most expensive for an ALS.   I take that back I think I paid more than Albertson for a Jack Soo for my Barney Miller collection.  I like this one because he includes the telephone number HO(llywood)3-9721.



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