I put Beckett signature review to the test here’s the results

First photo is a signed Paul Mccartney album that was previously authenticated by BAS so I decided to take a snap shot of the sellers listing and (test) Beckett signature review, i am in no way trying to out the seller! This is simply a Beckett review test, in fact I’m very green when it comes to Paul McCartney’s signature and I do think that this seller has a legitimate Autograph,

the second photo will show my proof of submission and lastly the third photo will show BAS results 

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I guess one won the coin flip .lol

Of course it got the green light from Beckett.  It was sent in by Presspass Collectibles!  

But if average Joe needs a quick opinion on it...yeah...it’s probably not good.

Sorry to out the seller, but that’s a very important consideration in this discussion.  Presspass is a big account for Beckett.  They used to be with PSA/DNA until Grad left PSA for Beckett.  Presspass makes a lot of money for Beckett and vice versa.  There have been several discussions on here in the past about Presspass and their (now previous) cozy relationship with PSA/DNA.  And many of us have been suspicious and concerned about whether big clients get special, and unethical, treatment by the major TPAs.

And this doesn’t mean PP sells a lot of questionable items.  Some maybe.  One of my two most valuable autographs I bought from Presspass, and they were actually very nice to work with; so I’m not looking to take them down.  But this is interesting.

Ballroom is the one to talk to about these. I don’t know if any failed full authentication. 

You cannot trust anything from PressPass unless you do your own homework on the item first.  Taking their word that the item is legit just because it has a TPA is a big mistake.  

you would think that everyone on the authentication staff would be on the same page. this difference in opinion puts their "expertise" in question

I don't think that, but I am reminded of what Ghandi apparently answered when asked about Western Civilization - "It would be a very good idea".

Nope same as card or poster grading 

apples and oranges. autograph authentication is a different animal than card grading.  when you're grading a card you're giving it a number grade which someone could easily say the corners are a 8 and someone else gives it a 8.5. but with autographs its a yes or no, it's definitive. everyone should be able to look at it and come out in agreement. there's hundreds of examples to look and compare. if you owned this piece, how would you feel if people at beckett have mixed feelings about it? i would want a piece that's a 100% yes not a 50/50 split

this article was posted on a star wars facebook group that steve grad is one of the admins of.  they have no problem bashing jsa or psa/dna when they pass a bad piece but they locked the thread so nobody could comment when it comes to their good friend steve grad and beckett. cowards

It’s possible that they’re on the same page at this point. Opinions can change over time, of course, with additional exemplars and info. The authenticator who provided the Quick Opinion may have authenticated it at a previous time. Maybe it’s the same authenticator. Who knows. Whatever the case may be, I feel that the LOA should be withdrawn.

Curious, has there been any known cases of an LOA being withdrawn? How would they do that? Place a notification on the verification page?

I’m aware of one instance in which PSA reversed their opinion and the entry was removed from the database. If you enter the cert #, it just comes up as not found.

That, imo, is a cop out. They should explain that the "opinion" on the signature has changed. More transparency should be expected. My two cents.




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