I put Beckett signature review to the test here’s the results

First photo is a signed Paul Mccartney album that was previously authenticated by BAS so I decided to take a snap shot of the sellers listing and (test) Beckett signature review, i am in no way trying to out the seller! This is simply a Beckett review test, in fact I’m very green when it comes to Paul McCartney’s signature and I do think that this seller has a legitimate Autograph,

the second photo will show my proof of submission and lastly the third photo will show BAS results 

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I actually believe that Beckett passed the test. It likely was two different authenticators, and in my opinion the one who provided the Quick Opinion got it right.



Can you post a link to the eBay listing?

Thanks ballroom having a bit a of a tech prob with my iPad 

I wish I was having a problem with my iPad. Unfortunately, I can see this.


I guess it’s all about who exams the signature at that time, 

is it correct that Roget Epperson is the music authentication expert for Jsa? 

He used to work with JSA. I’m not sure if he still does.

Roger authenticates their vintage and classic rock, jazz, and blues, and the bigger names thru the 90s at least. But they don't always use him.

JSA does a lot of show authentication. I don't know how often JSA sends him that.

Thanks, Ballroom. 

What did you think of the signature Steve? 


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