Back in the 1990'was a big collector. I haven't looked or research anything in 20 years now I have to move my whole collection out of my childhood home and I have realized that most of my mantle's and the diMaggio's were fakes. I have over 30 mantles that have certificates from forensic Document Services James C Bellino. The crook. My major issue is I used to send mantle autographs to forensic Document Services to be authenticated in the 90s now I can't tell which ones I bought with the authentication and which ones I sent in that possibly could be real. Has ANYONE SEEN AUTHENTIC AUTOGRAPH FROM FORENSIC DOCUMENT SERVICES?
I have attached a few that are not the banana fakes. BANANA FAKES are the only ones I feel confident in destroying. at this time.

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eeessshhhh! You got beat like a red headed step-child Robert! Feel good about the 20 year run you thought they were good. As expected, those shown here are not good either. AND No, never seen a legitimate autograph accompanied by The Real Housewife of Orange County star's company. He is a crook pure and simple and then he is a huge religious born again married to Jesus Jugs"...prey prey prey away and pray at night. how unusual. never seen it before LOL

Haha yea, I did enjoy running around trading and getting this stuff. I was only 10. I remember Mickey still being alive, so I never thought fakes. Look at this one, it has an interesting letter that goes with it and there numbered.
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I have yet to see an authentic autograph with a COA from Forensic Document Services.



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