I was told this baseball is covered with the symbol of the Order of the Golden Kite - Babe Ruth Auto Real?

Thank you for taking the time to look at my baseball that I am pretty sure was signed by Babe Ruth, and thanks for offering your opinion on that as well as regarding the other attributes that you are about to see concerning this baseball.

After examining this ball and trying to figure out the manufacturer, I am guessing that the main BABE RUTH name on the sweet spot that looks so nice is the manufacturer stamp, but I am not sure.

As you will see below this BABE RUTH name on the sweet spot, someone has written, "Japan 1934," and to the right of this I truly believe that this is a legit Babe Ruth signature.  But who wrote "Japan 1934?"  Where did this inscription of The Order of the Golden Kite come from and is this really the symbol of The Order of The Golden Kite?

A friend of mine has a brother working in Japan, and his brother in Japan's associate there is always looking for collectables for his rich business friends.  He saw the baseball and freaked and asked how I was able to get my hands on it and asked if I knew what the symbol stood for that was on both sides of the ball?  Obviously none of us had any idea what the symbols are that are inscribed on two sides of the ball, as the Japanese gentleman in Japan said it represented The Order of the Golden Kite - The Order of the Golden Kite (金鵄勲章 Kinshi Kunsho) was an order of the Empire of Japan, established on 12 February 1890 by Emperor Meiji "in commemoration of Jimmu Tennō, the Romulus of Japan."[1] It was officially abolished by the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers of Occupied Japan in 1947 after World War II.    

The Japanese gentleman suggested that the symbol of The Order of the Golden Kite was involving honor and valor and he suggested that this ball was possibly personally made for Babe Ruth or maybe for him to sign?  Who knows?  And above and beyond what this symbol really means, was it placed on the ball before or after it was signed?  How was this symbol inscribed on the ball?

I have so many questions about this ball that are driving me crazy and I have been trying to find out more about the symbol and trying to find someone or someone's who would know more about The Order of the Golden Kite.  I have no doubts about the authenticity of the Babe Ruth signature to the lower right, but having someone else who is knowledgeable about Babe Ruth signatures agree sure wouldn't hurt my feelings.  And once again, was the upper sweet spot BABE RUTH name stamped on the ball?   

I am thinking that if I can find out everything about this ball, or even a little more, that it can prove to be very valuable.  As a collector, this is not just about the value of the ball, but also about trying to learn the story behind this piece of sports history.  Any help from anyone would be truly appreciated and if you would like to see better photos please let me know. 

Any help or suggestions are truly appreciated.

Ciao for now - CuJo

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And as in many instances on vintage signed baseballs, understanding the baseball itself, before even considering the add-ons, is an essential element of determining authenticity. I've seen instances of authenticated signatures on anachronistic items! Items that chronologically postdate the death of the signer!

In this case, even with many hours of research invested, I still don't even know what the ball is, its purpose, who manufactured it, or who inscribed it and why. I'm unsure as to this Golden-Kite insignia existing on any other baseball, if so, I haven't been able to find another.

Before even analyzing the added ink, I'd like to have at least a rudimentary understanding of the ball, its legitimacy as a period piece and Ruth having had a chance to come into contact with it essential to a thorough opinion of authenticity.

A week later, still on the case. Wish I could say I at least have leads, but nothing yet even as much as that! Still on this though.




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