Iconic Auctions offering David Gilmour *COPIED* Signature - BAS Authenticated

Would like to expose another Gilmour autograph, this time coming from our friends at Iconic Auction. Currently listed is a cassette 'signed' by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd.

Problem is that the signature matches identically to a cut offered on this site a few years ago that was previously certed by PSA. After examining the cassette, there are some oddities in ink which make me believe that the signature from Iconic is a copy from the original offered here. You be the judge.

Yet again, another BAS blunder - in my opinion of course.

Iconic Auction:


Autograph Live


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For what it’s worth, Brian Sobrero signed the LOA for the item. He’s even worse

Here is a prime example of PressPass being PressPass. Their item gets removed from iconic auctions - so now what do they do with it? Flip it on eBay of course!


All four parties to blame here. Iconic, PressPass, BAS, and eBay

Usually I agree about eBay, but why are they to blame this time?

Because the item is not real 

It’s authenticated by one of their approved authenticators, even though it’s a copy. For that reason I have a hard time blaming them. 

I get that. Doesn’t change that it’s a print. Maybe they shouldn’t have BAS as a trusted TPA. Can’t let them go under the radar. eBay is part of the overall epidemic. 

Less than stellar collectors are not helping IMHO. That's clearly not natural ink even from here.

Pretty damn baaaaad when TPA's authenticate a print

just WOW !!!!!

And yet another strike against BAS

You can have a lot of fun with that acronym ;)

BAS is intentionally authenticating bad stuff. Steve Grad knows all that stuff isn’t good. Brian I don’t know if he does I just think he sucks ar authenticating.

People need to smarten up about these TPA’s. None of them exist to protect the collectors. They are here to help the sellers move product. Period.

+1!!!!!!!!! Shareholders, clients...me...first? ;)

This thread might have died but I'm now the "proud" owner of this object. I received it as a gift from my amazing girlfriend who is neither Pink Floyd-savy, tech-savy (Not good with google) and english is her third language. She put trust into the PPC and Beckett.

I posted to reddit about the gift and someone linked to here. I've now contacted PPC about a refund. Had a good look at the signature and found several points that make it (almost) 100% sure that it's fake.

There is no disruption in the "B" when it hits the fold. Where a typical writer would bump here and slip in some way, the signature continues in the way it does in the original picture posted here.

There was an image posted in the comments where many seem to think it was obvious it was printed based on the colours of the ink. I've come to the conclusion that it's not printed (if so with a single colour) as the ink is consistent everywhere except on the album art. There is no channel/grove where the pen would've ridden, This means that if it's authentic then it would have been signed with a felt-type pen (in which could explain the flow in the B as there isn't as much pressure put on the pen). In that case I feel that the text would in some way have been smooshed and not as perfect and "crisp" as it is.

Sorry for the wall of text but needed to vent. It was and amazing gift from my girlfriend who is a full time student and knows how much Pink Floyd and specifically David has meant to me. It's just too bad that companies will abuse people. I live in Sweden "so the shipping was half the cost" and will be looking in to making some kind of report to BBB or something equal. Will keep you guys up to date as this unfolds.



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