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I see the max is 5 per order, is there usually a higher chance of autopen when they set the max limit that high(5) or does it just vary? 

That's a standard limit for Books a Million and would have no bearing on whether a title is autopen or not.  They listed The Springsteen/Obama Books and the Cormac McCarthy books at the same limit. Sometimes they claw that back and drop the number lower.  But it's a pretty standard limit for BAM on signed titles.

Gotcha. Can't believe they had Cormac listed at 5, that's like finding hen's teeth in a stack of hay, or something. Thanks for the reply. 

Just FYI, the previous book "Loud Mouse" was a small bookplate signed by both. I was hoping to cut Idina for a frozen mat project for my daughter but It didn't work out. Her signature on that particular bookplate just wasn't a good candidate for a cut. Maybe this release will be different but you never know. There are a bunch of examples on ebay to show what I mean. 

I think with the pandemic winding down we're seeing fewer bookplates.  I'm figuring this is will likely be a tip-in or signed in the book. But hard to know until it ships.  Luckily, with the children's picture books, the amount you're gambling with is a bit less (usually $17-20 vs $26-30 before tax & shipping).

I realise this is not in the correct place but given the topic is about Idina, I thought it would be ok to place here.

If anyone is after a signed Idina Menzel vinyl, Centre Stage still have Idina's signed Test Pressing version available, reduced from $100 to $80 with their current sale.  

Idina Menzel: Christmas - Season Of Love Signed Test Pressing – Ver...



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