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Any members on Startiger? Does Iggy still sign TTM? Im no longer a member but people have had success on other sites in 2021

I got Iggy TTM last year!

If anyone still interested in Iggy Pop signed posters and CDs, these are still available in the Aust Warner Music website.  Appears to ship to UK and USA.  I'm in Australia and have not had an issue with Warner.

Iggy Pop – Warner Music Australia Store

Thanks a lot! My order (to Europe) comes out cheaper via this store as well. I hope everything goes well, as they don't offer PayPal...

I noticed when I ordered from fhe US store it said signed CD. Now it says everywhere "signed art card".

Yeah and now im wondering if you get the same signed art card despite ordering the (signed) alternative sleeve cds ,i wouldnt be surprised 

I think so. If you view your order status it will now say "AUTOGRAPHED ART CARD CD".

One of the cds just came back in stock on the US store:

It's the one I need, but I'm sure that if I order they will come with the same art card, just like the Weeknd. 

So since I'm not ordering they will probably come with different art cards. 

Just received from Warner ... "You will receive the standard CD and we will send the signed card component separately at a later date."

Here we go again!

Email from my U.K. order 

Thank you for your order from Iggy pop.
We wanted to give you an update about your order:
•    Signed CD 

You will receive the standard CD and we will send the signed card component separately at a later date. 
If you are happy to wait for your order, you don’t need to respond to this email. We will send you a notification once it’s dispatched.
If there’s anything else we can assist you with, feel free to get in touch by replying to this email and we will be on hand to help you with your enquiry. 

i also ordered the signed poster from the us store. Hopefully I don’t have to wait to long on that 



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