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Just caught Iggy on Jimmy Kimmel and wishing it was signed by the entire band--

The Losers features Duff McKagan, Chad Smith, and Andrew Watt, among others

Canadian store just cancelled and refunded my order even though they said they would honour it as i bought it before the canadian only wording went on the site  

That’s not good news… I’m from EU and I bought one from them too.

Did you get an email for the cancellation? I ordered from them too. Eek.

What a bunch of arseholes at all of his web stores! 

That's a real twat thing to do. Promise Signed items, to increase sales to try and get to number 1....  then cancel all orders after the sales have been counted! Stinks to high heaven!!! So this is what they are now stooping to in 2023!!! 

Iggy Pop should be ashamed of himself! 

Yeah im not happy its all just hard work ,laying money out and getting nothing but hassle and trying to sort it all out whats arriving whats not ,packing and sending cds back that came with no cards etc ,ive had enough of these scammers 

I don't know if I would blame Iggy. Everything points to Warner Bros. They are the ones who over sold or never had any of the cards to begin with. They probably never even gave Iggy the cards to sign to begin with. I am pretty sure when Iggy put out American Caesar he had a message in there that he would send a letter or sign something for every one who wrote him. And he did it.

I wonder, what does one do, when you receive the CD or LP without the card, play the record - but the card never arrives. Are customers protected in such case where goods were "consumed" but nor fully received?Would I be eligible for a refund?

I played the CD many times since it arrived - it's the best work he's done in years.

I believe it. He has done a few duds the last decade. This is something I would have bought autograph or not. But now it is a waiting game if I am getting anything or not since I placed various orders and like someone else said my emails are kind of in chaos. So I am not really sure if I am getting anything. But the general rule especially if you opened it is that they fulfilled their end because the card was a freebie. You can try and fight it but they usually win in these instances.

Just got shipping confirmation from the US store

Same here, but only for the signed CDs. I also pre-ordered a standard vinyl + signed poster and I haven't heard about that since November... What a mess.

My summary photo in the email only shows the signed Mick Rock cover, but I ordered all three and the vinyl. I’m hoping that’s just a truncated summary and all will be shipping. Of course, I went out and bought a CD yesterday ‘cause I couldn’t wait (it’s solid, by the way). I have now bought 8 copies! Genius strategy for charting the album high.



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