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I received my 2 copies from the Canadian store and one looks like all the other examples I've seen but the second is in pen and in my opinion, doesn't look like the others, just wanted any opinions before I write them to return it. also, they came in a resealable plastic cover so anyone could have taken it out and resealed it. 

Quite nice in the pen, looks like all the other sigs to me looks good 

thanks, I wasn't sure because it does look different from both the second one in the order and the U.S. version I got. 

Don’t worry. This is definitely real! Kinda cool how he spelled out every letter.

I still believe this to be legit, he’s just getting fatigued signing thousands of these..,

I had the same it's good

Meanwhile, Warner US comes through! Upset at how it’s folded, but stoked at the size of the signature and the placement! CD for comparison.

I hope that is the same picture twice? 

Autopen at it's finest.

Yes, my bad! My phone uploaded the same closeup picture twice. One poster - just two shots.

Nice one! Still waiting for mine from US store here in EU. Did you get shipping info?

Yup. They told me an order will be delayed (turned out to be the Art Card CD) but I got a notif for this one (poster)!



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