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Same, I thought maybe 1 just got a 2nd one since I had placed 2 orders.

They clearly don't know what they are doing! 

My Vinyl / signed poster was shipped yesterday and I just received the same e mail i received a couple of weeks ago, saying sorry about my order not being shipped yet and heres a special video message from Iggy ! 

I think it is indicative of the world at the moment, nobody knows what they are doing!!

Mine still hasn't shipped. I am making a PayPal claim because they canceled the CD part of my order several months ago and other than this video they have not answered multiple emails and the album came out the first week of January. Needing a little time is one thing. Months is another.

Folded once, in half (with 2LP from US store):

*correction, single black vinyl 

Nice mate

Just got my 2 copies today too. Very different sigs between them. Super happy to have finally received them. My kid went to the same grade school as Iggy did so he also thinks this is pretty cool. Iggy's old trailer park is right up the road.

Very cool! Could we see the two different sigs you got? I put my order in within seconds of the offer going live and have yet to receive shipping notice. Can't for the life of me figure out how they fulfill these...

I ordered 2 cds right when they went on sale, and then these the next day. So it seems totally random if you ordered on day 1.

Wow, those ARE quite different.Thanks for sharing.



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