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Were the Cindy Sheehan autographs taken down Michael?

Anti-Iraq war mom Cindy Sheehan autographs which headline an earlier album are still there.

Also autographs and images from two additional earlier anti-war/pro-peace events are still in place.

Thanks for asking.

Unless the picture had an autograph on it, I don't believe it should be posted.  If it had an autograph involved-ok.  If it was pictures of people protesting, there is no reason for it to be posted on an autograph forum.  No need to polarize the forum with controversial current events- we are a collecting community.  This is all my opinion of course..

Do the removed images have accompanying images of autographs that hadn't yet been posted? If so, and if you post them all together, I doubt that the images will be taken down.


I objected to the photographs being posted here. They had nothing to do with autographs or the hobby. They show one side of a political issue.....they don't belong on this site. Most of these folks protesting have no clue what they are protesting about. Last year it was Operation Wall Street, last week it was fast food minimum wage, this week the war in Syria(which doesn't exist). Why not protest about the abuse of section 8 housing in NYC or the excessive lottery play by those on government assistance? I'm guessing because those issues would effect their daily lives.

I have a grip of wartime photos of bombings, death and destruction. Some photo's not for the faint of heart but I would never post them here because they may be viewed negatively by some who view politics or war differently than I do.

BTW I am on the we should have bombed Syria already bandwagon. Autographmagazinelive just not the forum for it.


all I saw was a photo of a protest involving the current situation in Syria, and I do not believe that has a place on this site.

Unless its a Vietnam protest poster signed by john Lennon It should not be here and Rick had it Nailed the reasons why they should not be posted we are a forum for Autograph collectors.

Hi Michael,

You posted that you had uploaded a new album with a few autographs.   There was only one photo with autographs, and it is still there.  I also left the photo of the person who signed it.  The remaining few photo's were pictures of folks with large protest signs (one photo included 2 children with protest signs).  Under each photo you endorsed the protest, as well as encouraged others to do the same. 

Since there were several objections coming in against the photos because of their political nature/views--I sent the folder to the forum owner to look at, and to ask what protocol was, as I am helping him moderate.  He asked me to publicly put a notice that I would be removing the photos of the protest signs - and I did that.  I apologize if you feel censored, however this is an autograph forum.   

No autograph photos were removed. 

Wascher - moderator



What you posted had nothing to do with autographs, autograph collecting or connecting with celebrities--whether those celebrities are in entertainment, music, politics, sports or the arts. That's what this site is about. There are thousands of sites that cover world events and politics. That's where what we deleted belongs.
Thank you Steve. Many of us come to this site to get a break from current events.
Absolutely agree.

This is an autograph forum.



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