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Hey, I am very new and inexperienced with in person autograph collecting. I am looking for advice on how to get in person autographs. Preferably at concerts. I will be attending a James Taylor concert at the Moda Center in Portland Oregon on May 25th. and I'm interested in trying to get James Taylor's autograph before or after the concert.  Any advice that may help me make this dream a reality would be greatly appreciated. Like if any one has personal experience with his venue or with obtaining James Taylor's autograph in person I would greatly appreciate advice. Thanks in advance, Ryan

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You might be in luck, as I've generally heard Taylor is a fantastic signer. I did have a friend who saw him a few years ago, and he came back out to the stage and greeted fans after the show. I don't know if this is par for the course, but I have heard plenty of other stories about him being typically very fan friendly.

I've met many artists at concerts - the smaller the venue, the easier it is typically. Preshow tends to be a bit more tricky, and most of the time the artist is more accessible post-show. If they aren't meeting fans in the building (which isn't the most common anyway), they best bet is to head to the tour bus post show. Every venue is different, so how close you're able to get is a matter of circumstance. But, unless you have insight otherwise, heading to the tour bus and waiting is your best bet.

I agree with Rich.  Do some research and find out where he will be entering and entering the venue from.  The tour bus should be very close to that location.  I was successful getting Willie Nelson’s and David Lee Roth’s autographs that way.  Best of luck, Ryan.

 How soon after the concert do artists usually leave so then you and head to the tour bus? I want to have an idea how long I have to get over there before I miss the opportunity.

I received both of my autographs before the shows.  Willie Nelson went from the bus to the stage.  I missed Nickel Creek, and “Whiskey River” was already playing when I arrived at my seat at the Beacon Theatre.  I met David Lee Roth at NYCB Theatre at Westbury.  He exited the bus and walked over to us an hour before the show started.  He was very gracious, signing everything that was presented to him.  Even a woman’s breast.

For post-show experiences, the general rule of thumb is about an hour after the show ends. Sometimes a bit longer, but rarely less than that. In other words, most of the time there isn't really a big rush after the show.


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