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sold out. Maybe they only had 1.

Would of loved this one.

Lol. You're probably right. Got here 6 seconds after it was posted.

Damn your right, I had one in the cart and wasn't sure so I stopped to post this and when I went back they were gone, should I delete this post or leave it in case anyone wants to check the link for a restock?

I would just leave it. Probably can't delete anyways since we posted already. Who knows maybe more will pop up. I found this one unfortunately for us usa people it says only ships to uk

Damn Cool :)

Thanks! Having one sent to my U.K. address -

Thanks for the heads up on this - book arrived today and it’s beautiful!

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Very nice!!!

Yes, very cool item. Mine is going to deliver via Federal Express today.

My American Express card is on fire today..... Oh well!

That had to be done!

instantaneous sell out


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