The Beverly Hillbillies aired on CBS from 1962 until 1971 cranking out a remarkable 274 episodes!  The main characters were Jed Clampet (Buddy Ebsen) his daughter Ellie May (Donna Douglas), mother-in-law Granny Daisy Moses (Irene Ryan), his nephew Jethro Bodine (Max Baer, Jr.), his banker Milburn Drysdale (Raymond Bailey) and bank secretary Miss Jane Hathaway (Nancy Kulp). Those six appeared in every season the first four were all episodes and the last two in 247 and 246 respectively.  Harriet E. MacGibbon appeared in 55 episodes from 1962-1969 as Mrs. Drysdale.  Jed's cousin Pearl (mother of Jethro played by Bea Benedaret) appeared in 23 episodes from 1962-1967.  She got her own series Petticoat Junction. No other actors reached the 20 episode mark! 

Irene Ryan although a Tony nominated performer and singer will always be known as "Granny" on the CBS television show "The Beverly Hillbillies."   The autograph is sadly a clipped signature probably from an album page or note.  The photograph shows Irene Ryan with actor Kenny Miller (of "I was a Teenage Werewolf" fame).  Mr. Miller told me that Irene Ryan was a wonderful lady who was like a grandmother to him. 

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I would not be surprised that in later years he may have but have not studied him enough to be certain. It would be great to see some exemplars of secretarial signatures.  Dr. Brucato does not have Ebsen in his CEAD site. 



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