I tend to visit less frequently, as it more about latest releases than authentication.

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What started as a trickle has evolved into an avalanche of latest release announcements. Authentication requests are buried within minutes. The danger is that more experienced members will slowly disappear only to be replaced by people wanting the latest information on new releases. 

Whilst paint splattered CDs might be of interesting to some, it has little to do with autograph collecting. There are many other places to find this information

It eventually seems to happen to all of these sites as the Gen Z population starts to take over. I belonged to a site that strictly discussed films from The Criterion Collection until Gen Z started to act like they knew about film and took over with New Release info all day long. They also would always have an unlimited amount of capitol to purchase expensive Criterion DVDs and would do nothing but post photos of their collection and latest  “pickups”. Just a quick analogy for you that I hope doesn’t happen here.

I see fewer requests regarding authentication and an avalanche in new release announcements and conquests. As I said this is an unique forum, but is turning in to something you can find all over the net.

Yeah, I knew I was in trouble on my other site when there were 16 year old kids posting photos of their $400 120 film Ingmar Bergman Criterion boxed sets. Now they are doing it on here buying 100 copies of Dave Grohl’s book and constantly telling us we need need to jump on the new signed Halsey (who?) release.

While this comes across as a "back in my day" type post, I can't be surprised by what I'm seeing in the autograph community.

Granted, we are in a time of extraordinary flux -- the pandemic has pushed direct auto sales to the nth degree, as more and more actors, musicians and more are taking their products direct to consumers instead of waiting around for in-person shows (or rather, cutting out the middleman). The knock-on effect is that we've been swamped with a wave of product releases, and there's a lot of stuff getting through that frankly shouldn't be considered (the Ellish "paint auto" release or NFTs).

If a flipper is foolish enough to expect to get top-dollar or double/triple their money on new releases, particularly in the context of mass releases sent to multiple chains/book or record stores/online marketplaces/etc., that only benefits you, as it will cause a race to the bottom. Too many collectors (not necessarily seasoned ones) are coming in to the market expecting to invest in everything, which is a short-sighted behavior because everything is getting printed/signed en masse, and it's being strategically used by certain artists to destabilize and drive down the market (which I think makes good business sense, if they know they can capitalize on it). It only benefits you at the end of the day.

Conversely, you need new blood to keep the hobby going. What we should all be talking about is how to connect new collectors with resources, or maybe making said resources (how to collect/how to properly understand what they have) more prominent on the site. It is admittedly an unusual time for the hobby, as we're seeing a wave of high-profile direct-auto releases from many major artists, authors and the like.

Don't just jump on a new release because someone here told you to, not even me. Use the flippers' own tactics against them -- wait until the market gets saturated and then buy. The market is flooded with cheap Taylor Swift, Grande and more autos. You're not lacking in options these days. It's a great time to be a fan of the hobby.

These aren't autographs, they a quick scribbles with the purpose of increasing record sales. These people buying them aren't autograph collectors, they are in it for a quick profit.

Bit of an overgeneralization. While any signing session is going to have some sort of "mass production" feel, definitely not all of them are "quick scribbles." Many are quite nicer than what you'd get on the street in fact.

Perhaps I'm a bit biased, but I'd rather take a musician's low priced self-promotional effort that some already overpaid athlete or mostly washed up actor charging silly fees for an autograph inherently worth a fraction of the price. I think most musicians' releases offer a very nice collecting opportunity - for actual fans as well - that you don't really find in other areas.

That aside, I'm not following what's been hijacked, but perhaps I'm misunderstanding. Are these release notifications ending up in other areas than the Musician Direct Autograph Sales forum? Because if you don't like that section, I'm not sure what else to tell you. It has it's own section for a reason.

They are on the opening page. Authentication requests get buried within minutes. I'm not concerned with announcements it's the idle chatter that follows. It's unnecessary. Who wants to know if you snagged one or you missed out.. They all sound like exited teenagers (they probably are, though)

Ah, I see.

A few threads recently have snowballed into a hodge podge of redundancy. I closed one of the threads because it decidedly strayed too far away from the point of that forum and had the potential to open a pandora's box of problems (trades, sales, etc). That aside, the threads are meant for updates, followups (delivery, authenticity, quality, etc), restocks, etc. So it does become a bit difficult to determine what to let go and what to stop. Most forums do have this type of chitter chatter, some helpful, some not. 

Maybe some sort of mute option would help, though it's hard to determine just how that could even be implemented.

As Joe said, it might pass: however, there is talk of an Elton John and Ed Sheeran collaboration single at Christmas. Now that will be interesting in more ways than one. 

To be honest this forum has been hijacked. Very sad!

I wish people would stop this nonsense as it's turning into a social media forum. 

Seasons come; seasons go. This too shall pass.



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