Best picture i can get until the auction. 

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I don’t like commenting on photos like this, but it does look real to me.

I called auction house again trying to get photos. There is several baseballs I want to bid on including a Munson and a Maris. Since nothing comes w LOA, things go relatively cheap.

I will post more when I get them.

Obviously a poor photo, but what is clear is a strangely humped baseline on "Mickey" and a stretched out "Mantle."

That plus the Vegas gallery style frame job does not give a favorable impression. 

I'm leaning towards no.  I see a few areas that don't look right, not to mention that Mantle had an exclusive contract with UDA for Jersey's and Bats, etc.

Steve, the frame is why I think it is a no. I am able to view everything next Friday. 1 day before the auction. I hope to get better photos then. I did not want to waste my time if it was a glaring no.

I think this is a Mitchel and ness jersey which he did sign. We will see next Friday. Thanks for the comments.

If it's cheap it's almost certainly no. I very likely made a mistake. 




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