every time i have used psa quick opinion on ebay it usually comes back "not very likely." Is everything on ebay  not authenticated fraudulent? Also,  can psa dna possibly be correct all the time ? I doubt it.  some listings they have given a negative quick opinion are from power sellers most uacc registered and some who have been in business for 10 + years.  I have contacted these sellers , most of whom say psa dna are ripping off novices in the hobby like myself and are making an  effort to have people buy directly from their auctions, and many times a celebrities autograph can vary a bit , especially if they sign something in haste as opposed to a signing event.  Im not sure which online businesses to trust , and even to trust psa dna's opinions . Are there any truly 5 star dealers on line or on ebay ? i am not  sure what to think about the process as a whole . Someone posted that they forged a signature and sent it to psa dna and it got their approval, and he did it with the sole purpose of proving them to be in effective at best in their field. Should i only buy if it already has a certificate or not, and who do i buy from ?  What is the best way to get an autograph and from whom if you cant get it directly from the signer personally, and is jsa or psa dna a good business to employ ?

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Sending anything to JSA is like throwing your money away. Those guys have been awful for years. Average collectors have better opinions. Only thing that keeps them relevant is all the sticker collectors who at one time valued them would stand to lose a valuable collection if they were to admit the truth about the JSA stickers they bought over the years. So they will argue in favor of them to no end.

JSA is by far the worst experience I have ever had - 1st they told me a signed photo of Jason Witten had passed then a few weeks later I got a letter from JSA saying it was bad - What is even more worse is I watched him sign it in his football camp in Elizabethton, TN where he is also from and took a picture of him signing this exact photo. 2nd I took them a cast signed "Andy Griffith coloring book" which passed but they messed up the LOA - They said it had 19 signatures on the front which was true but it also had 10 signatures on the back. I showed both JSA reps this at the time of service but they did not listen or couldn't comprehend one!!  Leave this so called autograph authentication company alone.
They charged over $600 to have 13 things authenticated as 6 failed and they told me 1 of them passed (Witten) and I am no better off now than before!!!!


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