I tried calling the number on his website but got an answering machine with a woman saying she can’t come to the phone right now. No mention of a business. I want to get a quick opinion from him regarding an Ebay auction. Anyone speak to him lately?

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I've always used his email contact.

Is he legit? There’s lots of articles about him floating around. Lots of negative stuff. I’m new to the autograph world and so far I haven’t bought anything because I don’t feel confident about it. Who do I trust?
If you search you will find negative feedback about every authenticator out there. (PSA, JSA, Beckett, etc...)

As with all of them they have made mistakes, but I have seen Roger own up to his if he does...Which is more then other authenticators do.

He is very knowledgeable and I have used his quick opinion service and also have purchased direct. Never tried the phone number, I have only emailed him.

What is nice that he is an individual and not a corporation like the rest, so you know he is the one doing the authenticating and not some faceless individual at one of the other places...But he is only human and while an expert in music authentication, it is always smart to get multiple opinions and do your own research too.

Hope that helps.
I agree with Adam completely. Roger is an expert and trustworthy. Human beings can make mistakes in such a subjective field, but I’d much rather work with Roger than the alternatives.
Thanks for the replies. Being new to this I’m finding the business very strange. Unless you see it being signed in front of you how do you really know it’s real? Even experts make mistakes right? You could go your whole life believing you have an authentic autograph and then one day somebody shoots it down. Who do you believe then? I’m not a collector and am only looking for one item specifically but am finding it hard trusting the industry. It seems with so many fraudulent items out there odds are you’ll get a fake before ever getting a real one. Please someone reassure me.

No one can completely "reassure you" as there is risk involved with every business -- especially the autograph one. I'd advise posting the one you concerned about on this site as you will get some good opinions. Then it is up to you to decide. 

So you are doing the best thing, asking questions first before buying a major purchase that could likely be fake. That is the first step.

What is nice about a place like Autograph Magazine Live is, it is full of like minded collectors that can give great advice and likely have studied the individual you are looking to purchase.

It is very smart to gain opinions, look at other examples of autographs from the same time frame, look at these points of reference.

If you are purchasing from someone on ebay (for example) look to see what else they sell. Are there red flags? 100% feedback alone doesn't mean they are trustworthy by itself.

There are many cautionary tales before buying anything without being educated. Be educated first before buying...That is my best advice.

If you post examples here you are likely to get good opinions. Good luck and welcome to AML, you are on the right track!
Thanks, that’s a good idea. I’ll post some pics in the other forum. It’s true what you said. Educating yourself before getting involved in anything could save you some grief down the road.

I have used Roger a number of times for quick opinions but it has always been via his web site. He is trusted & shows a great deal more integrity then anyone else I have dealt with. I would suggest a) submitting the QO via the web site and b) posting here for additional feedback.

According to FB, Roger left for vacation in Bali yesterday.

Doesn't he have a business? It sounded like a house or something when I got the answering machine.

i belive he works out of his house



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