I tried calling the number on his website but got an answering machine with a woman saying she can’t come to the phone right now. No mention of a business. I want to get a quick opinion from him regarding an Ebay auction. Anyone speak to him lately?

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I also had bad experience with roger.its like flipping a coin 50% percent chance its right

Give examples. It’s easy to talk negative without proof.

I have used Roger a number of times for quick opinions but it has always been via his web site. He is trusted & shows a great deal more integrity then anyone else I have dealt with. I would suggest a) submitting the QO via the web site and b) posting here for additional feedback.

According to FB, Roger left for vacation in Bali yesterday.

Doesn't he have a business? It sounded like a house or something when I got the answering machine.

i belive he works out of his house

Roger has a printing company and his autograph businesses and that share a facility.

    I have been Dealing with and Working with Roger Epperson for around 10 years, give or take a little. Even if Roger isn't around, he carries his Phone and Ipad with him, everywhere he goes. So, he can still do the Quick Opinions for you.

    If you send him an Item and he turns it down, ask him why? Or what is wrong with it? Roger is a Great Guy and will answer any question that you may have. Remember, that you are Paying him for that Opinion? Try getting that kind of Service from PSA, JSA or Beckett. I'm probably a little bias, as I have been working with him for so long. I can say, that he has never steered me wrong!

   Roger only does Rock N Roll (No Country, Hip Hop, Rap or anything else) and his Field is much more narrow than most of the other Authenticators. He handles the Music Authentication for JSA, so James must Respect his Opinion as well. I too, only Deal with Rock N Roll, so we are a pretty Good Fit.

   Posting your Items here on ALM is a Great Tool too. You can get some Good Opinions on here, as there are a lot of people (Over 10,000) who have been Collecting for many years. You can usually find a couple people to Help you, no matter what Signature your lookin for. Can't say enough Good things about ALM and Steve Cyrkin. He has done an Awesome Job developing this Website and the amount of information that is available here, is Incredible. 

+1 One thing, among many,  that separates Roger from the others is the ability to ask a question. He is invaluable

I think his best point is that he doesn’t give a damn from who the autograph is coming from. He just follows his knowledge and database, he is not biased.

Like already said, another advantage from him is that he is a human being you can discuss with, unlike an unpersonal industry like PSA.

He is by far the best out there for music. And of course he makes mistake, don’t we all.

And yes, he will reject an autograph now and then that has been collected IP. And it is frustrating for the grapher who knows it is real. But that is part of the hobby. If there is no other example like it, it is not abnormal he rejects it.

Let's not forget, he doesn't Stick any Stickers on your Nice Autographed Items either!!



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