Is the company ALL AMERICAN AUTHENTICATION a legit authentication service ?

Hello collectors...has any one ever used or heard of this authenticator ? I have seen some items recently in a new autograph store I came across I thought I was pretty savvy about a lot of services out there...but I never heard of theses guys...If you are anybody you know used or has any knowledge about theses guys please let me know ? ALLAMERICANAUTHENTICATION.COM there's also a picture attached of one of there certs.

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I went to All American Authentication's website. It doesn't look hopeful. No names, address, phone or fax numbers—no way to contact them except an email form. They don't even solicit submissions.
Google them and you'll probably find discussions mentioning them.
Hey Steve...I actually tried the Google route already and it seems theres actually other people looking for the same answers of if there legit...I just dont know...I also checked there site and got nowhere seems very odd...I hope some one can shed light on these guys...
Any authenticator without a human's name, address, phone number, etc. is one to avoid. Add to it that they don't solicit submissions, and it seems pretty clear they're not legit.
My fishy suspicions worked once again Steve
Yep...always good to have one in autographs.
I dont remember the name of the store...I came across the store in New Jersey while heading back to New was a grand opening so I went to check it out...I think it was in EnglishTown...I saw the cert and was able to snap a shot actuality the piece looked good...but never heard of that cert. They actually had lots of nice pieces...I scaned for fakes and didn't see not a single one...everything was over priced and I didn't see anything that sparked my interest in particular...It was actually a Joe Namath signed was huge...bigger then a 16x20...I regret not taking a shot of the auto now...

If they are the same people, they are out of Southern California.  They did every show or big event in So Cal in the early '90's when the signings were big.  They also worked with the original female players of the professional girls baseball league, Marge Wenzell, Lavonne Paire, Alice Hohlmayer, Dottie Kamenshek just to name a few.

Again if its the same people.

Website, same name but is it the same people....??????

I really wish I knew the truth about these guys...someone has to know if these guys are legit...

All American Authentications, although it appears as they are no longer in business, was sole authentication vendor available to individuals attending Tri-Star Production shows in the early 1990's.   Recommend you contact Tri-Star productions.

thanks bro...

I see this is old but I am wondering the same thing.  I recently purchased a Pete Rose autographed Red's jersey and it is authenticated by these guys.



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