I was sued for defamation by Todd Mueller and Todd Mueller Autographs in 2014 and the case is still ongoing (along with others he and Nelson Deedle/Iconographs have filed against me).

One of the things Mueller sent me to answer a year or so ago was what is called a "Request for Admissions," where you are asked to admit to certain things. 

One of Todd Mueller's requests is circled in the image above. He wanted me to admit that there is no forgery industry.

I thought that would be great topic to discuss:

Is there a forgery industry?

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There definitely is a forgery industry. The forgery industry is larger then the actual autograph industry.

As soon as autographed became such a big business.... the forgery industry followed. Of course it exists!

we can either be naive and "believe" that an authenticating company can be wrong 99.9% of the time, or the only other explanation is that there is indeed a forgery industry, worth millions.  It's easy, very low overhead, no specific talent required.  Jus a D head with a sharpie, or a machine.  Then you "claim" you charge $100.00 for an authentication of an item that sells for $60.00.  And you have a nice network of sellers that spend more time promoting the virtues of said authentication company, than they do the actual autograph itself.  

While they might not all be in on it together,they sure as hell combine as a forgery "industry".

A person would have to be totally ignorant to think that there isn't a "Forgery Industry."

The people who are part of the "Forgery Industry" know there is a huge market out there to sell their forgeries and BS "Forensic Authentication" services.

This is a great subject matter, Steve, and I won't let this thread die into oblivion.

Individual. collective, results the same. Response always the same - homework, study, observation, price comparing, etc. 

I don't know how you can call yourself a pro and think otherwise. If that's what he truly thinks, he's shockingly incompetent given his years involved in the hobby.

All the forgery industry dealers claim they are a pro most also deny there are dealers who only deal in forgeries.

 the number of dollars involved in forgery lawsuits and fraud lawsuits sure indicates there is a forgery industry

A sector of an economy made up of manufacturing enterprises is how industry is defined. There is certainly a sector of the collectibles market composed of fakes from coins, and autographs to baseball cards and stamps.

The one thing that I do want to write, Steve, that it just isn't right what is being done to you.

Makes me freaking mad as hell and it just isn't right!!!

Thanks, Chris.

What upsets me the most of all is what this has done to my family.

I have an email where Todd Mueller gives Grant Vandestreek the names, address and phone numbers of my ex-wife and one of my daughters.

I have another email, provided by Michael Frost, where Mueller is telling him to..."trash Cyrkin and his daughter."

Neither of my daughters work for me and the one he was referring to is a schoolteacher!

And those aren't even what I consider the worst.



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