I was sued for defamation by Todd Mueller and Todd Mueller Autographs in 2014 and the case is still ongoing (along with others he and Nelson Deedle/Iconographs have filed against me).

One of the things Mueller sent me to answer a year or so ago was what is called a "Request for Admissions," where you are asked to admit to certain things. 

One of Todd Mueller's requests is circled in the image above. He wanted me to admit that there is no forgery industry.

I thought that would be great topic to discuss:

Is there a forgery industry?

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I forgot. It does not remove replies to replies.
Good riddance.

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Industry is an understatement when it comes to forgery. In the $100 and up category, I think 7 out of every 10 pieces I see are questionable, half of those, exponentially improbable. As the value goes up close to the $1000 range, that 70% also rises to closer to 80 or 90%. Sports autograph forgeries seemed to lead the charge, of value, thus fakes into other fields, the forgers getting more involved in the past 2 decades into entertainment and other genres as the prices and demand went up, definitely a you demand, we'll supply one way or the other industry.

"Admit there is no forgery industry".  Who composed that? A third grader? :)

1) "Admit that there is not a forgery industry". 

2) "Admit that there isn't a forgery industry". 

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