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yep, glad to have yours as well.

Exactly lol

Nicholsons are no good. The only thing that is right is the fact that it is vertical and he somewhat has the "Ni" in Nicholson down..rest is not even close.

It looks good I have ones vertical as well.....like they say "every a****** has an opinion" lol people give there opinions which mean nothing. Example: PSA lol

here is a psa joker photo. does the j look the same as this

this is 110 percent authentic jack and the j looks the same

No one will ever know what's real or fake UNLESS you get it in person PSA and JSA mean nothing. They authenticated fake autographs to be real and real autographs to be fake. its called an OPINION 

No problem

These are examples of legit Jack Nicholson signatures. By posting these, I'm not promoting (JSA from that third signed photo) or the seller's listings for those first two signed laserdiscs, since his seller id is shown on the photo. The other two shown at the bottom are from various (past) seller listings. As you can see, there is a BIG difference from the picture you asked for an opinion.

All I see in those proof pictures is the back of somebody's head and a close-up of their right ear.


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