I don't collect autographs at all, but I wanted something from Trump. So I bought this off Ebay 2 days ago, hasn't arrived yet. I didn't know about the company that authenticated it till someone on Reddit warned me about them and I did the research. The person that sold it to me says he is 100% sure that it is real and offered to refund me. So if someone could help me out, that would be great.

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Gotcha i confused premier with his personal websire editions

I would never buy from a service that was known for its fakes no matter how much I thought an autograph looked real. Its not worth the risk. Its not worth the hassle of going to PSA and all of that. Its a wasted effort.

That being said, there are enough problems with the signature as is, the florish at the end is usually done backwards over the previous part of the signature. But not in your example. There is other stuff too. But that alone would be enough in my mind. Trump is now ripe with forgeries. HIs auto went from $20 to $400+ overnight. You missed the boat on that one.

Thanks for the reply. I don't buy autographs. I never had an interest in buying something that someone signed their name too, but I wanted something from the President. I don't know about the grading companies. I knew of PSA when I collected sports cards in the 90's, but that's about it.

I just wanted an opinion cause the seller has offered me a refund, but has sworn to me up and down that it's real. Anyways, I already informed him that I will be returning it. And yes, I know I missed the boat on it.

Alright, and I wasn't saying that you missed the boat in a condescending way. I missed it too, as a collector  I kick myself for not picking up Trump's when it was cheap.

I think you made a good choice on the return. If you really want a Trump auto, I would pick up something from PSA, or something signed on his letter head which would be almost impossible to forge (unless secretary signed which is unlikely). But it won't come cheap unfortunately.

Oh no problem man. Yeah..... My wish is a signed campaign poster so I can frame it, but the ones I've seen by PSA on ebay are like a grand. I really wanted to stay no more than maybe $500.

his campaign style signature is easily forged and at best, not very attractive.  I have a few trump signatures, but my favorite is on his "the art of the deal" book, with a vintage 1987 signature.  your best bet might be to buy one of the books, Crippled America, that has a bookplate with his authentic signature on it.

Get your refund.

I managed to get an exact proof signed photo of his for $500 the day after the election. They jacked the price up from $250 to $500 after he won. I hated paying it, but I was so caught up in just how historical the moment was I bite on it. I broke the cardinal rule of an emotional buy but I couldn't help it. The selling point for me was there is a video of him signing the exact picture, he actually looks down at it before signing and says "whoa nice photo".

IN retrospect I am glad I bought it, prices have seemed to only go up now and finding "exact proof" stuff is now next to impossible.

Like Obama, I don't think Trump will be signing much in the next 4 years, so what is out there is out there, and it will fetch high prices.

Here is mine,




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