Hey there, I was just browsing the web and I came across this signed Audrey Hepburn photo. Very interested in it. Is it authentic? Roughly know her autograph but not an expert on hers. Love to hear some opinions from the community here

All the best 


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Hi Jake, Joe and Eric

Just occurred to me that I have a very similar Audrey that was also signed at a UNICEF event. I think the event was in Geneva. I know who "Andreas" is but I don't actually know him personally. He has been selling off a large part of his collection through a mutual friend at the main Zurich flea market - I got this one last year. It's a very good quality photo - feels almost double-weight in fact.

Eric, when you met Audrey did you get her autograph? I can imagine that it could feel a bit awkward and inappropriate to ask someone for their autograph after you've had a drink and a proper conversation with them - cheapening the experience perhaps.

pug, what an amazing signed photo! A beauty. Congratulations on the pick up and sharing. 

Wow!!! Lovely Photo and signature you got there eva. Very good :)



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