Do you think these are real? I appreciate all comments.

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Its hard to say and they are really all messed up.

I agree it is difficult.

I can't see how some autographs (similar to the Slash above) can be authenticated by entities such as PSA. Al Pacino scribbles come to mind. There are many authenticated little circles or lines that it seems impossible to judge.

Thanks for the reply. The top auto is actually said to be from Slash and the bottom is Axl. Was your example signed in front of you. It looks like a great item.

neither are authentic. D

Thanks again for the reply. I do not own this item. It is currently on ebay. I don't know much about either of their signatures. I would not have purchased it for the Slash. It looks like a marker broke open on it. The Axl I thought was a possibility.  I want his autograph but trust less than 1% of what I see around.

Chad, I think both the Slash and Axl aotographs are authentic. There are a few comments below that I don't believe are accurate. First, assuming this ticket stub was signed at the show date and time printed, then the opinion that Axl Rose only signs as "AXL" post GnR really doesn't make sense. Based on date of ticket, this concert would been around the timeframe when GnR released Lies. So this would have been during the GnR days, not after as Chris stated below. In fact, Steven Adler was still in the band in 88. Also considering the size of a ticket stub and how thin the paper stock, it looks like both Axl and Slash were probably holding the ticket stub cupped in one hand while signing it with the other hand. This, in my opinion, is probably why both autos are somewhat squeezed in and a little sloppy. It was probably an item signed backstage by someone who worked at the hotel and the slight streaking of ink on Slash side is probably sweat. However, I'd also try to find a history of tour dates just to confirm this was an actual show, but i think this is probably real. Here is a you YouTube link to clip from a couple years ago of a guy that had his guitar signed by Axl. I think this clip sort of dispels the notion about how Axl signs his name regardless if it was 20 years ago or 2 years ago. I've got a Slash auto I can take a pic of and send along if you would like - good luck Neal

I can assure you a million percent that both the autographs posted are forgeries.


Thank you for the reply. I also loved watching the link. I have heard so many people say he was an ass. He was a real nice guy in this instance.

In my opinion, neither of these autographs are real.



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