Hey together, this is my first posting. So I hope that I am posting this in the correct category.

Since weeks I am looking for an authentic Michael Jackson autograph to fullfill a childhood wish of mine as a big fan.

I already bought an autograph in the past which I have sent in to JSA but it came back as a fake... this made me so disappointed... now I am continuing.

I found a beautyful piece on ebay. Authenticated by Beckett and even encapsulated. On a very nice 8x10 photo. Now the question about the signature. To me it looks too perfect. I can not imagine that Michael sat down and made this signature without being in a rush and then making it look that symmetric.

The funny part - I found a reprint of this autograph on ebay too which is sold by a different seller. At least they look the same to me.

What do you think about it? Can you help me? I have read here that many BAS authentications were wrong...

Thank you for your consideration!

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It looks strange i wouldn't buy it.

+1 I wouldn't feel comfortable with this either

Thank you Ivo and thank you Phil! Yes, its too beautyful to be real somehow. I thought that this particular item might have circulated around already, so maybe any of the users here has seen it somewhere before? maybe you discussed this particular one before? i found another photo which is on ebay now and was discussed before. now also authenticated by beckett. see picture

I am wondering another thing. i always thought that JSA, BAS etc will put the sticker on the item itself. but i see a lot of items on ebay where the sticker is on the COA, not on the item itself. is that a typical thing?

You can have the cert sticker stuck on the LOA or on the autograph, you can decide.
This Mj looks rushed signed but in my opinion it is authentic but not beautiful.

And below the comparison of Beckett and that of JSA
JSA's is more authentic than Beckett's.

It is difficult to find an authentic MJ photo with a signature, there are many very good forgers who forge MJ's 2000s handwriting.

I would recommend you buy one from the 80 / 90s
or from the 2000s but then from a trusted collector and seller.

I've heard of TPA putting their stickers on the back of the photos so as not to ruin the photo, however, a piece with no corresponding number is a big red flag to me...

This red jacket mj is authentic IMO albeit a rushed one 

comparison of the very first shown autograph (authenticated by Beckett) with another current listing on ebay (authenticated by JSA). might be from the same person? maybe mr jackson? man, so difficult to tell...

all of them by forger Erick Mckay? please compare. link down below.

page 30
page 34:

page 35:

all found in this topic:

signatures by erick mckay

If youre after a genuine MJ here are some reputable people imo:

Bryan Ulrich

Mike Wehrmann

Roger Epperson

Tracks Uk

Grieg McArthur

Hope these help! 

You can buy my Autograph's

1988 Signed in London

Thank you for the list, Phil! That will help.

Excuse me for my confusion. what I meant about Erick Mckay was... the first beckett autograph that i posted in comparison to the examples which are by Erick Mckay. Maybe the beckett one is also a Mckay? well, we will never know...

Oh! Ivo! I have seen them on ebay! Those are yours? What a funny coincident. I was thinking about it actually. But I think I would prefer without dedications to make it feel more like mine. I dont know if that makes sense. on the other side, they really look beautiful!! i will think about it

Ivo, you are from Germany too? Funny. But I think they are over my budget...

Hi, No thats not an Erick Mckay imo..Glad the list will be of use.. Lots of forgeries about unfortunately.. But lots of genuine mjs too but they wont come cheap... If its cheap, thats usually a red flag..not many mj bargains about lol.. All the best



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