is my Superman autograph authentic 

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I would say "no" on this one.

Hi could you please point out why you say this, as I have an uncle that worked on the set at Pinewood studios where sequences of the film were made, this is where Cristopher reeve signed these photos.

Here is a starting point for comparison.

I would never disagree with an uncle but would they have already produce large photos while still filming? Possibly, I do not know. This signature is atypical, IMHO.

Could you please point out the differences or irregulars in the signature that you are making your decision upon.

All I can do is to compare this with other known authentic examples. I looked at another 35 examples and still will keep my original opinion. It's just that, my opinion.

Here is a link to a member here that is the best at Christopher Reeve signatures. You may want to seek his advise on this one.

I have also compared it to a lot of examples and from what I can see his autographs do seem to vary quite a bit anyway, so I am still left wondering if even an expert can really be 100% sure. As they must only be selecting examples by choice that are mirroring in image to the next one, which is the correct way to authenticate a piece but this is not taking Into account that Christopher Reeve signatures may well have varied greatly in some aspects over the years in comparison to each other. I do think that because Christopher Reeve has now sadly passed questions are left in doubt about the reliability over how accurate his autograph and signature was and how it  evolved throughout his years. This could also unconsciously answer the question of how such a great iconic superhero actors autograph be of such low price in the market in comparison to other equally iconic actors that have also passed.

I guess after all this debate only he could be the real true judge of what was genuine or not, if only he were still here. 

There are people far more qualified to give an opinion on the authenticity of Christopher Reeve's signature than me but looking at the picture you have provided, I would say that is not genuine. I have been researching Christopher Reeve's signature for around 6 months now so whilst I am far from being an expert you learn a lot. In that time I've learned the handful of signatures that Christopher Reeve had throughout his life; the signature on the picture is not one of them; not by a long shot.



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