I think the Morrison is way off. But somebody on a Doors FB page claims that "Robby told him it was real" (which really doesn't mean all that much). Curious as to what you all think of it.

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I agree, Josh. It’s a known forgery style in my opinion. I haven’t seen any authentic examples with a “Cheers” inscription, but this style usually includes one. Robby is too nice to say it’s fake.

I moved this to the Doors forum.

What do you make of the other signatures?

I don’t think they’re real. Robby’s does look bad.

And even the Robby signature looks bad!!!

I have seen one "cheers" that was authentic. Actually, I've seen two. One was on a polaroid photo someone took of Morrison in concert and had him sign it.

That’s interesting. I haven’t seen that one.

This is not authentic. I've also seen this forgers work many times before.


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