All opinions welcome - I have no knowledge other than the research I have done today.

I think it lines up to an example in one of the University Archives videos on authenticating JFK autographs.


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Post a message on Herman Darvick's profile asking him to comment. Also Andreas Weimer's.

Will do, thanks!

Looks like it might be real. The handwritten postscript matches JFK's handwriting.

Awesome, thanks!

It's absolutely authentic!

I think you're right, James, but I personally wouldn't want someone to rely on my opinion of the authenticity of Kennedy's autograph. We have a number of members who are are quite good at Kennedy, but because Autograph Live doesn't get that much historic activity, we don't see them as much as we could.

Herman is very good on American historic autographs especially. Andres Weimer is as well, and JFK is a specialty of his. He's written more than one signature study on Kennedy. 

Either one will give Adam a reliable opinion.

Right, Steve. I completely agree. I've been studying JFK quite a bit over the last year and a half. I have quite a few pics of genuine JFK sigs as well as secretarial ones and autopen. But certainly Weimer has been at this longer than I, as well as Herman I'm sure.

There's no doubt though that one has to be really cautious with JFK items. His autograph is one of the trickiest in the field as he had so many different styles.


If you've  been seriously studying JFK, then your opinion has real validity.

Thanks, Steve. I know my knowledge isn't as detailed on it as Weimer, but I have been studying JFK quite a bit.
I trust James' opinion on JFK materials. And best of all, its a free service.
Thanks, Robin! And yes, my current fee is zero! Ha, ha. But I'm no professional, just a serious student.

Hello Adam,

the signature and postscript is authentic. A form letter, given to a lot of people with the same content, I remember a dozen like this, but all signed personally by JFK, some with a postscript.

Best wishes,

Andreas Wiemer




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