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A little rushed? I won't opine on this one. Although, I will say, if this is some recent signing, I would not want to own this example. 

This one is appears fine to me.

Joe, my friend, I hate to disagree with you, but I think this one is not authentic.  My only justification for saying that is because I believe Kamran noted this as a forgery style...if memory serves correctly.  

However, it is also a style that I have seen both PSA and Steve Grad of Beckett authenticate.  But I do believe Kamran noted this as not authentic.

May well be, hopefully he will chime in. 

Could be just me. Too rushed and atypical for the Madonna signatures I have studied. Not sure what somebody would charge for that signature although I believe that buying a better looking example would be extra money well spent.

Madonna has never been a generous signer. There is no way I want this signature unless I seen it signed in front of me.

The OP may be a rushed signature. I just would not want to own it myself.

Honestly, I simply would not care if Madonna signed this or not. I would not want to own it. Period. Perhaps it's just the way I collect but I don't buy poor signature examples. For instance, I won't buy a modern Harrison Ford signature either. And his is far better than this Madonna Ray of Light signature.

There are many modern celebrities I would not own simply because their signatures stink. 

Here is a Madonna I had in my collection. 

The matted Madonna is not genuine, imo.

I agree.

To me, the OP is really hard to authenticate.  Either way, though, I wouldn’t want it in my collection either.

I wouldn’t want the one in the OP even if there was a close up video of her signing it. 

I do not think Madonna signed the other one.




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