Is This Michael Jackson Signature Real? (disturbia_rihanna_2009, mjjcollectionbay, kingofdaclub & tallerinmoreways2009)


I would like to know your opinions on this Michael Jackson signed Neverland stationary. The seller claims to have an email COA from PAAS. 

Much appreciated! 

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'taller' also tried to sell this same '2006' signed jacket for $1500 on 8th Sept 2016:  (It seems that it's the background stories that are 'taller in more ways' :)   

 tallerinmoreways2009: (341*)

Michael Jackson Signed Autographed HEAL THE WORLD LYRICS SHEET PAPER 10X8 ($5 start, private listing)

You are bidding for a Michael Jackson Signed Autographed 'HEAL THE WORLD' LYRICS SHEET PAPER 10X8. The A4 sheet of paper is a clear example of Michael Jackson's signature. Very nice item that I purchased sometime ago. This item is HAND SIGNED and I only have ONE AVAILABLE. SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY PLEASE. Signed on the front and back. See pictures attached. On the front the sheet music has been dedicated 'To Bruce'. 

 celebritycollectorstore (17*), now selling the pants that were photographed with their red shirt-with-armband on p5 of this thread.  (Red shirt prev sold for $340.00 on 020217)  :

Michael-Jackson-Custom-Pants-Worn-Not-Signed ($200 start)  LOP not shown

Worn Michael Jackson Custom Patched Pants. Seen being worn multiple times during the late 1980's and early to mid 1990's. Comes with pictures of Michael and a letter of provenance. 


Also celebritycollectorstore:

Michael Jackson Orange Shirt Worn Not Signed ($125 start)  LOP not shown

Michael Jackson worn orange shirt. An orange Ralph Lauren button down shirt seen in multiple pictures being worn through 1988-1992. Shirt comes with a picture of Michael wearing the shirt and a letter of provenance.

 celebritycollectorstore: MJ slobs around the house in Ralph Lauren, but if he's doing a major photoshoot he wears a £160 (or dollar equivalent) jacket...ummm....with alterations by T and B  :)  , like these:


Michael Jackson Dress Jacket Blazer Worn With Signed Letter READ DESCRIPTION ($300 start)

A worn Michael Jackson black dress jacket. In completely good condition with no visible wear or tear through out. As seen in pictures of Michael and his 3 kids in the early 2000's. Comes with pictures of Michael as seen and a letter of provenance. Message me for any offers if also interested.


Michael Jackson Signed Normal Paper Photo ($125 start)

A signed Michael Jackson Bad Photo. While on tour for the History World Tour overseas, Michael Jackson Signed this picture after shopping with his production manager Kenny Ortega in 1997. Comes with the pictures shown and a COA. 

Hi , for you it's fake?

I don't see anything remotely 'genuine' about any of the items in this thread.

 Name changed to 'celebritycollecting', but still selling fake items with fake LOAs... and fake T&B name labels, which are very easy to obtain.

I'm guessing most of these shirts are from thrift / charity stores :)  I'm sure prospective buyers can find their own thrift items much cheaper locally. 

Michael Jackson Worn Black Shirt With Signed Letter - Fedora Isn't Included ($500 BIN)

 late 1990s black shirt worn by Michael Jackson. Read documents for more info and detail. The shirt was donated after Michael was done traveling for his history world tour. The shirt has the designers label and a copy of the original letter from mjj productions. MESSAGE ME A BEST OFFER, I'm open to any offers! 

 Items from seller 'pokemonworldpro' appear to belong here:

Michael Jackson Worn Custom Pants ($200 start, Letter of provenance not shown)

A Michael Jackson wool pair of custom trousers from the 1990's. Custom with a royal crown and designed by MJs designers. Pants are a 28 waist and 30 length. Comes with a letter of provenance and will be shipped safely. 


Michael Jackson Autograph Signed Cut Paper ($100 start, COA not shown)

A Michael Jackson 1991 signed paper. Given while at a public appearance in Los Angeles, was cut years ago when it was signed along with other celebrities signatures and the original owners wanted to separate Michaels. The signature comes with a COA and picture of mj. 

 From pokemonworldpro:

Michael Jackson Military Style Coat Worn With Signed Letter ($250 start)  

No picture of T&B label

A Michael Jackson custom worn jacket from the late 1990's during the history tour era. Comes with pictures of Michael and a letter of provenance. seller stinky_feet also seems to belong here:

It is interesting that the same 'Cascio' LOA is pictured for both red shirts; the one on the hangar being sold now, and the one in the display case with the fedora....  Stinky indeed!!!

Michael Jackson owned and worn American Bandstand rehearsal shirt 2002. Thriller

Genuine personally owned and worn Michael Jackson shirt. 

This is a stunning item for any Michael Jackson collection. 

Michael favoured the red corduroy shirt for many appearances throughout the 1990's - 2000's period. This example is known to have been worn by Michael on his attendance to the rehearsal for his performance at Dick Clark's 50th anniversary - American Bandstand. 

This item comes with a hand signed letter of authenticity from Michaels very close friend, Frank Cascio. (Cascio was later embroiled in scandal over the questionable tracks on the posthumous 'Michael' album). 

The shirt itself has a slight tear to the left arm as seen in the picture, it has never bothered me as I had no intention of wearing the item. 

Item includes several photos taken of Michael on arrival to the rehearsal performance including pictures with close friend and show producer, Dick Clark. 

Please note that this item is being relisted due to time waster and therefore I ask that all questions are asked before the auction ends. I will respond to all questions as soon as possible and will be 'live' to answer questions as the auction ends. 

This is a genuine item from a genuine fan. My only reason for selling is to raise funds for further MJ purchases. Will be happy however to consider offers and as such, reserve the right to end the auction early. 

Happy bidding! ☺


Also previously sold for £861 on 4th March 2017

Michael Jackson Fedora, Shirt, Rayban glasses, OWNED, WORN, SIGNED, AUTOGRAPHED

Shipping prices are estimates, if shipping is less than quoted, a refund of the difference will be made. If you are happy for me to remove the items from the frame, international shipping will be reduced significantly. 

Michael Jackson owned and worn Fedora, sunglasses and shirt. 

Worn by Michael Jackson on arrival for the rehearsals of the 2002 50th anniversary of American Bandstand where he performed the song "Dangerous" for the first time. It is possible that he wore these items during the rehearsals although this is unconfirmed. 

The shirt is a red courdroy "club room" shirt, had a slight rip in the arm which is unnoticeable in the display case. 

Sunglasses are genuine Rayban aviators and are in excellent condition with few light scratches to the lenses. 

The hat is a fedora style black hat as favoured throughout the life of Michael Jackson. His name is printed on the inside rim in gold lettering. The hat is signed and inscribed "Burn all Tabloids, Michael Jackson, 1998". Unsure of the significance of the date "1998". Signed in a brown/gold sharpie style ink. 

Several photographs of Michael wearing the outfit included in the display as well as a collection of different images from the day. 

Items gifted to Michael's manager and friend, Frank Cascio, author of the book "Michael and me". 

Complete with a full set of C.O.A certificates including a signed letters from Mr. Cascio detailing the authenticity of each of the 3 items as well as a personal certificate of authenticity with a lifetime guarantee. Also includes a insurance valuation certificate. 

Stunningly displayed in bespoke display case. Wooden Base and frame. 

Please email any questions. Serious bidders only.

 More from pokemonworldpro (Nevada).  Only the fake red jacket is being sold, but the sellers photos include pictures of other items (Heal the world jacket and Neverland cap with fedora and a piece of lined paper- presumably with a fake signature out of view).

Michael Jackson Worn Custom Red Blazer ($375 start)

A Michael Jackson worn custom red blazer.

I have just added the ebay name kingofdaclub to this Discussion title -

After doing some digging - we now have yet another account by this seller.  I assumed this person was a victim of disturbia_rihanna_2009 but they are the same person, and must be shill bidding their own account.

This item was "sold" by disturbia rihanna (Lizzie noted it sold for 191.00 April of 2016). 

But the "new" seller states:

MICHAEL JACKSON's double signed "THRILLER" vinyl!!!


WORLDWIDE, THIS IS THE ONLY 1 signed twice by THE KING of Pop.

Item comes with a letter of autenticity from PSAA.

I've personally obtained the item in NY CITY, on september 7th, before his show for the 30th .



The item is listed in NJ.  Yet the sellers other items are listed in Barcelona Spain

Once again they are using a fake PAAS cert - except the new cert now states there are two signatures on the album.  One fake signature for 191.00 -  Two phony signatures - bump it up to $7,500.00 !!!!  Unreal.  Literally!

Mike Frost is alerting eBay as I did let him know.

This seller has created multiple fake certs in the past, stating items area PSA (but using PAAS certs?) or using fake Roger Epperson certs. 



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