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No good 


What does that mean?

Means that he agrees with Justin.

I also agree with Justin.

That forgery is a Yikes!!!

Yikes is right!

+1 means I agree.

Very, very, fake!

Any tell tale signs why this is a fake?

It's a train wreck.

That's not helpful 

Kurtis, unless you have an "eye" for autographs, it is almost impossible to explain why an autograph is not authentic to someone who doesn't know autographs.

And I don't mean to be condescending; it just the way it is.

The collectors here who know autographs, have been studying autographs for a long time.

It takes a ton of time and passion. 

The shape is wrong, size of the signature, formation, overall slant is way off. This is really bad. Do you own this?



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