I am considering this Roger Waters autograph on ebay. Asking price is $400 with a best offer option. Do you think it's real?

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Yes, but I think you can do a bit better in terms of $. Check closed auctions. Plus side - no "authentication/vandalism" sticker.

Here is my little set:

Thank you for your reply and feedback. I thought $400 was too much also. I was thinking of offering $300. I know there are less expensive ones out there but I thought this signature looked really good compared to some of the others.

In the past I have obtained 99% of my autographs myself so it does sort of rub me the wrong way to buy one. But I doubt I will run into Roger any time soon.

P.S. Your David Gilmour autograph is stunning. I would love his also, but I'm not about to pay $1000 for a CD cover!

Thanks! I'd not pay $1000 for a CD cover either - even with the disc!. The pair was well under $400. ;)

Here is another bargain - this a vintage 1984 gold stamped promotional Waters LP. $37 raw on eBay, with vinyl, authentication by me.

Wow! $37 is amazing. I brought Pros & Cons & The Wall when I went to Hartford to see the show a few weeks ago. Was hoping to catch him after the show but no luck. People were in line at the artist entrance at 4pm but his manager said he was not coming out to sign because there were too many ebayers lurking about!! 

I think it’s good, but way too expensive.

It is very expensive and it is also very common (in my opnion - far be it from em to tell you want to collect and its my fav album as well - a true classic and most popular). He has signed a lot this tour. When I got my Wall Live DVD signed, all I saw was Wall and Dark Side LP's and the occasional Final Cut. Look at Ebay - so many (and so many darn stickers!). I tried for something unique. I still have not seen this DVD signed anywhere. The Final Cut also provides good contrast and has very nice artwork. To each his own. :D

Exactly my thoughts in collecting too. I‘d much rather have your DVD than a DSOTM or The Wall LP signed by Waters. There are thousands and thousands of them out there. I think 80% of those waiting in line never heard a single note of a song from these LP’s. And DSOTM is in my top 10 all time favorite, I have one signed by Mason dedicated to me.
I must admit I have a Wish You were here LP with Waters, they are a bit less of them :-). I wouldn’t buy it again to be honest altough it’s a very nice one. I try to be a bit more original now (magazines, DVD’s, original LP pressings,...).
I have started to get a bit fed up with those “mass productions”...

Thanks for the feedback, Bjorn. I hear what you're saying about how common The Wall and DSOTM are. BUT, I have nothing autographed by any Floyd member so I want to start with my favorite which is The Wall, followed by DSOTM.

I also like it and I wouldn't offer more than 300. Quite a few have sold in the 250 range.

Well, no nasty sticker as mentioned but looking at eBay - it's wall to wall...Walls! ;) The word generic comes to mind. And I LOVE this LP.

I guess I'd rather hear "Oooh!" than "I have one of those too!"

Thanks. Appreciate your comment.



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